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Ginza Mitsukoshi 7th Floor Household Goods

As fall progresses, the season in Japan that offers highlights and pleasures for traveling also arrives. I'm sure that many of you who will be traveling to Japan during this season are looking forward to sightseeing, such as viewing the beautiful autumn leaves and going to hot springs, in addition to shopping. Other than the things you get for yourself, traveling means that you always have lots of souvenirs to bring back that your family members, relatives, or friends have asked you to bring back.


We have prepared a rich lineup of products that are guaranteed to satisfy you at the "Household Goods Floor" at Ginza Mitsukoshi 7th Floor. There are even products that are made as a limited, single-item product. The floor allows you to actually see and touch the product as you talk with the sales staff. You will be able to encounter products that you will fall in love with.

Although there are many appealing products, let me first introduce a kitchen knife. "Shun Tsuyu" is a limited-edition product of "Kai Corporation" that was made to commemorate for achieving 5 million total shipments. The kitchen knife is crafted using the company's blade edging techniques developed through years of experience of knifemaking. It is made using a hard, high-carbon material. This breathtaking masterpiece is characterized by its super-sharp cutting edge. A whetstone, an original product of Ginza Mitsukoshi, is added to the ¥80,000 (tax excluded) set.


Kai Group, Shun Cutlery, ″Shun Tsuyu″ Kitchen Knife & Whetstone Set

Chef's Knife (200mm)

Utility Knife (150mm)


¥80,000 (tax excluded)

*Limited edition of five sets

Let me next introduce our marvelous jewelry collection. I would like to highlight our four must-see items, centering on pearls.

"Mori Pearl" Akoya Pearl Necklace

The elegant colors and intricate glow of these exquisite Akoya pearls can be worn for various occasions and situations.


K18WG Akoya Pearl Necklace

Pearl size: 10.0mm. Length: approx.. 42cm

¥2,000,000 (tax excluded)

A single-item product

JAPAN JEWELLERY <Specially Prepared Product>

Akoya Pearl Necklace & Earrings & Ring Set

This set includes a necklace, earrings, and a ring that uses Mori Pearl's radiant, large pearls. It will look gorgeous when worn as a set. It will look also look great when worn separately depending on your fashion or occasion.


Necklace: K18WG. Pearl Size: 9.0mm. Approx. 42cm

Earrings: K18WG. Pearl Size: 9.0mm.

Ring: PT. Pearl Size: 9.1mm. D = 0.17ct in total

¥1,500,000 (tax excluded)

A single-item product

JAPAN JEWELLERY <Specially Prepared Product>

South Sea Pearl Pendant & Pierced Earrings & Ring Set

A set including pierced earrings, ring, and pendant of breathtaking south sea pearls with an elegant, gold color. The radiant glow looks great on any skin color and will change any day into a special day filled with luxury.


Pendant: K18YG. Pearl Size: 13.8mm. D = 0.30ct in total. Chain Length: Approx. 50cm (adjustable)

Pierced Earrings: K18YG. Pearl Size: 11.6mm. D = 0.26ct in total.

Ring: K18YG. Pearl Size: 11.6mm. D = 0.28ct in total.

¥1,000,000 (tax excluded)

A single-item product

Yukawa Hoshoku

Pt/K18WG Coral & Diamond Pendant Necklace

A gorgeous coral & diamond pendant necklace with a deep, beautiful red coral. The large coral is sure to gain attention.


CO=13.42mm/D=0.73ct in total/Length: Approx. 45cm (adjustable)

¥1,180,000 (tax excluded)

A single-item product

Yayoi Kusama is a well-known Japanese artist and a pioneer of modern art. Her skills and popularity are internationally recognized. She is known as the master of polka dots and mesh designs. By multiplying identical patterns repetitively, she creates unparalleled, one-of-a-kind art.




Silk Screen 45.4cm × 37.5cm

Made in 1989

¥4,000,000 (tax excluded)

A single-item product

Ginza Mitsukoshi also has a rich lineup of other products that are popular among foreign tourists who visit Japan, such as iron kettles and incense burners.

Nippon Kodo Co.,Ltd. Made of Silver. Production: Takaoka Copperware. Incense Burner "Tama Kujaku"


Size: Approx. Height 21.0 × Width 16.0 × Depth 14.5cm

¥1,800,000 (tax excluded)

A single-item product

KISENDO 4 Sun (approx. 12.12cm) Flat Cocoon-Shaped Iron Kettle IH-Compatible


Volume: Approx. 600ml

¥100,000 (tax excluded)

Please feel free to consult our staff if there is something you are looking for or are interested.s An attendant who can speak in a foreign language will serve you. Let us help you make your travel to Japan a memorable and special time.

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