Check out what's inside the makeup pouch of the "cosmetic advisers" and find out what they use


Cheat sheet of cosmetics that are perfect for you that cosmetic professionals actually use

1st Basement Floor Ginza Cosmetics World

Various cosmetics brands gather at Ginza Cosmetics World. A cosmetic advisor who offers advice by taking advantage of multiple brands is stationed at "Ginza Cosmetics Information" which is at the center of the lively floor.


Ms. Kurebayashi and Ms. Ina are cosmetic advisors who have extensive knowledge about cosmetics from different brands. I asked if I could see what's inside their makeup pouches they bring around.


Ms. Ina makes it a point to bring around cosmetics that are moisturizing, being fully aware of that the air of the department store tends to be dry.


Ms. Ina shares her secret.
"My choices are quite simple. I stick to choosing easy-to-use cosmetics."
She has found that her skills in maintaining beauty at the busy sales floor often helps her offer the perfect solution to the customers' requests.


〈SUQQU〉 Lucent Powder Foundation
〈Refill〉¥5,940(tax included)〈Compact case〉¥1,620円(tax included)
Number of shades:7 shades in total SPF20/PA++

Ms. Ina uses power foundation that is easy to apply on different parts of the face when fixing her makeup. The texture is smooth, without being too powdery.
"How does it look after several hours?" "How do I apply it?"
Her advice to these questions are tried-and-true as she is a trusted cosmetic adviser who has tried all kinds of cosmetics.


〈BOBBI BROWN〉Lip Balm SPF15 ¥3,672 (tax included)
Ms. Ina makes it a point to keep her lips moisturized by often applying〈BOBBI BROWN〉's "Lip Balm" she has repeated buying. The comfortable, non-greasy lip balm instantly moisturizes lips.


〈COSME DECORTE〉 AQ MW Rouge Glow ¥3,780 (tax included)
24 colors in total ※The featured product is RO652

"The extremely smooth texture of this lip stick makes it easy to apply."
The soft textured "AQ MW Rouge Glow" will cover lip lines and make your lips look plumper. The high-pigmented lipstick gives you unmatched radiance and is easy to use even for people who usually don't wear lipstick.


The adorable packaging with a design of a butterfly makes you feel like a queen every time you use it.


〈RMK〉 Lip Jelly Gloss ¥2,376 (tax included)
11 colors in total ※The featured product is #06

"Lip Jelly Gloss" from 〈RMK〉pairs great with any lipstick. One stroke of this gloss, and you'll have a glossy, luscious lip with a hint of color.

Ms. Ina recommends trying the gradient lip that has been a hot trend by applying a darker color along the inner rim of your lip. You can also try unique tips such as applying a different color on the top and bottom lip.


Ms. Kurebayashi shared that she tends to use cosmetics she has liked for a long time. "There are times I recommend cosmetics I have been using for a long time after hearing what the customers want."


〈CLINIQUE〉Clinique Pop Oil Lip & Cheek Glow ¥3,456 (tax included)
4 colors in total The featured product is #02

Ms. Kurebayashi tries to choose highly functional cosmetics so would only need to put in a few cosmetics in her makeup pouch. 〈CLINIQUE〉's "Clinique Pop Oil Lip & Cheek Glow" pulls double-duty and as a lip gloss and blush. The oil formula nourishes your lips.


〈LUNASOL〉 Styling Eyebrow Pencil (Flat)
Set price ¥3,780 (Pencil (2 colors in total): ¥1,620/Holder: ¥2,160) ※The featured product is #02

〈LUNASOL〉's "Styling Eye Brow Pencil (Flat))" is shaped like a hatchet. The unique shape allows you to draw both thick and sharp lines easily. Ms. Kurebayashi sometimes even finishes drawing her eyebrows just with this pencil, as it has a convenient screw brush.


〈SUQQU〉 Gel Eyeliner Pencil ¥3,456
3 colors in total ※The featured product is #03

"This dark, navy blue helps to make a statement that is not too flashy."
〈SUQQU〉's "Gel Eyeliner Pencil" is one of Ms. Kurebayashi's favorite products. The waterproof formula prevents smudging. It is also great when reapplying it later in the day as a chip is attached on the opposite side of the pen.


〈GIVENCHY〉 Prism Blush ¥6,804
7 colors in total (1 color is a limited-edition color (limited number produced) of Isetan Shinjuku Store & Ginza Mitsukoshi)

Ms. Kurebayashi's latest favorite is the "Prism Blush" that was newly released on 9/1 from 〈GIVENCHY〉. The combination of two colors allows you to create countless beautiful hues. She likes to use different hues depending on how she feels on that day.


Ms. Ina and Ms. Kurebayashi offers heartfelt services by sharing their own experience in response to requests that may not only focus on "suiting someone." I felt that my questions and worries about makeup being gradually relieved as I talked to these two lovely and helpful cosmetic advisers.

I guarantee that a consultation with a cosmetic adviser will help you find products that will be perfect for you in the easiest way possible.

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