A must-have for every working woman!? Simple, elegant, and feminine. Japan's "black formal" fashion items will bring out your beauty.


A versatile dress you can wear for different occasions depending on how you style it

3rd Floor Formal Salon
At the Formal Salon at Ginza Mitsukoshi 3rd Floor, you can find "black fashion attire for formal occasions" to wear for ceremonies, in addition to gorgeous dresses that will brighten up celebratory events.
Referred in Japanese as "black formal," these black dresses are worn as formal clothing for events such as funerals. While many items tend to reflect the official codes and mannerisms of formal attire, in recent years, new jackets and dresses have been released that can be worn for other occasions, depending on how you style it. There has been an increase in customers, popular especially among Chinese customers in their 30s-40s, who purchase these "black formal" items for work or parties.

Black dresses are a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn at work or for semi-formal occasions, such as dinners and ceremonies. Let's take a closer look at this convenient black dress that can be styled in multiple ways.
The curved line of 〈HANAE MORI〉's jacket and its elegant silhouette is beautiful and striking. The high-quality material creates an impression of a dignified woman.
©2017 mila schön milano Japan

The jackets and dresses of 〈mila schön〉is famous for its beauty exclusive to its haute couture items. It creates a refined poise that is not affected by trends.
©2017 mila schön milano Japan

Mode and feminine softness coexist in the curvy lines created with the vision to realize "simplicity without waste."
©2017 mila schön milano Japan

The elegantly-made dress even helps every gesture of women beautiful and will look great on anyone, regardless of their age.
Formal Salon also has a rich lineup of accessories to pair with black formal attire, including jewelry and bags. The delicate workmanship of 〈laneii〉's jewelry, which also produces bridal jewelry, looks great on black clothing.
The flower pedals made by weaving ribbons with sparkles are paired with fresh water pearls. The lovely jewelry can also be worn for fancy parties. The front of the removable collar has a magnet attached, allowing easy removal and attachment.
The jewelry's beauty stands out when paired with high-quality, well-made dresses. Please feel free to consult our staff if you have questions how to style it or the mannerisms around wearing Japanese "black formal" clothing.

Simple, high-quality, and feminine...You might be able to find your very own special dress by visiting Mitsukoshi's Formal Salon.

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