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Vol. 5 "DIM JOY supervised by the famous Singaporean actress, Michelle Saram is a completely new kind of restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of modern Chinese dim sum that makes you beautiful."

Ginza Mitsukoshi 11F DIM JOY Ginza Store

DIM JOY is a modern dim sum restaurant that offers high-quality modern dim sum that opened in Singapore in 2008. The wide variety of menus that can be tasted here was inspired by the 20-year experience of the master chef, Mr. Fan.


Depending on the time of the day, the restaurant serves lunch, café menus, and dinner. You can savor the season's best dim sum in the middle of your shopping time.


Let me now highlight some of the best summer menus you can enjoy at DIM JOY.

① Limited edition summer dim sum assorted five types of dim sum ¥1,242 (tax included)
Each dim sum is packed with the colorful summer-inspired flavors. Enjoy the different flavors the assortment offers.


② Oven baked pork spare ribs with Asian herbs and grilled vegetables ¥1,814 (tax included)
Asian herbs including lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves add a refreshing aroma to this dish. Enjoy eating it with a finishing touch of hand-squeezed lime.


③ Summer vegetables and beef tail hearty steamed soup ¥1,890 (tax included)
A beautiful soup made with ripe, red tomatoes. The nourishing tonic extract that this dish offers will replenish your energy as well as help you beat the summer the heat.


④ Cold black sesame dan dan noodles with plenty of vegetables ¥1,922 (tax included)
Cold noodles are a favorite for summer meals.
You can enjoy the rich flavors of black sesame, in addition to the aroma and spicy taste of the peppers that increases as you chew.


⑤ Assorted desserts ¥820 (tax included)
This dessert allows you to enjoy a little bit of everything.
- Cold sweet soup including watermelon mint soup and love jelly
- Today's two types of small desserts


In addition to the summer limited edition menu, you can also order delicious dishes and desserts at DIM JOY. A foreign language menu is also provided for so foreign guests. We welcome you to come and have an elegant time of rest at DIM JOY during your shopping.


Ginza Mitsukoshi 11F DIM JOY Ginza Store
Ginza Dining 11F
Business hours:
Lunch: 11:00 - 15:00 (last order at 14:30)
Dinner: 17:00 - 23:00 (last order at 22:00)
Number of seats:
Seats at tables: 24 seats
Counter seats: 12 seats

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