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Ginza Mitsukoshi 11F Sosonjae Ginza

At "Ginza Dining," which is on the 11th Floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi, you will find "Sosonjae Ginza," a restaurant serving Korean home-style dishes. The restaurant with a Korean-style modern atmosphere uses wooden furniture that convey the warmth of natural wood. We recommend the window seat, as you can enjoy the beautiful sunshine during the day and the glittering night view of Ginza at night. Dining alone? There is no need to hesitate. This restaurant offers counter seats, so you can enjoy the delicious meal without feeling shy.



The main store of "Sosonjae" is in Seoul, South Korea. The delicate flavors created by adding the flavors of omoni ("mother" in Korean") to traditional cooking methods became popular among foodies and the "Sosonjae" now opens several stores in Japan.
"Sosonjae" puts a high priority in its ingredients. For example, it uses homemade "doenjang miso" (a traditional miso (soy bean paste) of South Korea), seasonings that contains enzymes, and fresh vegetables from Japan. Each dish is made with love using natural ingredients, eliminating processed food as much as possible.
Let me now introduce popular set meals from "Sosonjae."

Ranked No. 5
Sundubu Jjigae Set \1,520
(Sundubu jjigae, jeon (Korean pancake), kimchi, salad, rice)
The savory, spicy stew contains plenty of vegetables, tofu, seafood, and its signature red pepper. It is served hot in a pot.


Ranked No. 4
Stone Pot Bibimbap (half size) & Naengmyeon (cold noodles) (half size) Set \1,720
(Half size stone pot Bibimbap, half size naengmyeon (cold noodles), jeon (Korean pancake), salad)
This is a set with a great value that you can enjoy both bibimbap served in a sizzling hot stone pot and the refreshing Korean cold noodles.


Ranked No. 3
Samgyetang Set \1,720
Samgyetang is a famous Korean dish that is nourishes to body. It is made by simmering a whole chicken stuffed with healthy ingredients, including glutinous rice, Chinese dates, and ginkgo nuts for a long time. The heartwarming flavors of homemade chicken soup will nourishes your soul and body.


Ranked No. 2 Sangenton Pork Galbi Set \1,620
(Sangenton pork galbi, soup, jeon (Korean pancake), kimchi, salad, rice)
The Sangenton pork galbi is served in a hot, iron plate. It is soft and easy to eat. The sweet and salty taste makes pairs great with rice.


Ranked No. 1 Beef Galbi Set \1,840
(Beef galbi, soup, jeon (Korean pancake), kimchi, salad, rice)
This is the queen of all sets. One piece of this galbi, and the juicy flavor spreads in your mouth. The generous portion is filling and satisfying.


Besides these set meals, "Sosonjae" also has a rich lineup of à la carte dishes.
To name a few, "Gejang" made by seasoning lady crabs with yangnyeom (seasonings made with many ingredients) and "tteokbokki" (a sweet and savory stir-fry dish including Korean mochi and vegetables) are our top favorites.
"Sosonjae" is also a great place to go when you feel like "I want to have a meal while enjoying delicious drinks." You can try makgeolli that pairs great with Korean dishes and Korean liquor.

Authentic home-style Korean dishes you can enjoy in Japan. It sounds a little out-of-place, but the custom of enjoying a warm, delicious meal is what everyone shares all around the world.
The restaurant also has services in English, Korean, and Chinese. Please come and stop by next time you visit Ginza.


Sosonjae Ginza
Ginza Dining 11F
Business Hours: 11AM-11PM (last orders: lunch 16:30/dinner 22:00)
Seats: 36 seats (semi-private rooms: 6 seats)
*Children are welcomed

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