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Vol.2 "Savor high-quality steak as your experience the thoughtful service of our female staff members"


Ginza Mitsukoshi 12F Teppanyaki Steak Restaurant Heki

"Teppanyaki Steak Restaurant Heki" is a restaurant located in the corner of Ginza Dining of the 12th Floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi. "Teppanyaki in Ginza" usually denotes a formal and a high-class environment. However, the glass-walled restaurant, Heki has a welcoming and casual atmosphere. The clean and bright environment creates a relaxing space welcoming guests.



"Heki"'s main store is in Okinawa Prefecture. The restaurant prides itself in using specialty products of Okinawa. The menu features a lineup using black-haired Japanese beef, prawns, and traditional vegetables of Okinawa called "shima yasai" (island vegetables). The plates are also carefully chosen, such as Ryukyu glass and Nantogama (southern ceramic kiln).
All of the staff at Heki who welcome you with a cheerful smile are women, including the chef. The thoughtful and caring atmosphere that are unique to women creates an ever relaxing atmosphere.


An iron plate is placed on each table in a way that faces the chef. One of the joys of teppanyaki is that you can see the process of the ingredients being carefully cooked in front of you as you enjoy chatting with the chef.


The meat offered at "Heki" is Wagyu, Japanese beef from Okinawa Prefecture that has been chosen with the highest standards. You can choose the part of your choice as a main dish of the course, including tenderloin, sirloin, and thigh steak.

Tenderloin steak
The red meat is not too oily and is easy for even women to eat. It is popular among Chinese people who like high-class dishes. Tenderloin is the softest part of the red meat and contains less fat. Only a small portion can be found from each cattle, making it a rare meat.


Sirloin steak
This is the most popular meat ordered from male customers. It is often appreciated when entertaining guests. The fat is sweet and not too oily. The juicy marbled meat makes it a distinguished dish.


Thigh steak
This part is can be enjoyed at a great value and is a popular choice for guests. You can enjoy it at an even greater value during lunch. The red meat offers a juicy flavor.


The courses of "Heki" includes an appetizer, fresh salad, stir-fried vegetables using olive oil, shima dofu (a specials tofu from Okinawa) teppanyaki, beni-imo (a special purple yam from Okinawa) teppanyaki, main dish (choose from black-haired Japanese beef or prawn), goya champuru (an Okinawa cuisine dish made by stir-frying tofu and vegetables such as bitter gourd) (summer time) or ningin shirishiri (an Okinawa cuisine dish made by stir-frying carrots with egg and seasoning it with condiments) (winter time), nakami osumashi made with Okinawa pork (a soup made by stewing pork intestines), Koshihikari (a popular brand of rice) rice, tsukemono (Japanese pickles), and Okinawa-style zenzai (sweet red bean soup) for dessert.


Here are popular main dishes of Heki.

Ranked No. 5
"Black-haired Japanese beef tenderloin steak"
\11,664 (tax included)
The high-quality red meat with rich flavors is served and you can choose how well you would like it to be cooked. The delicious flavors make even women eat it in an instant.

Ranked No. 4
"Special grade black-haired Japanese beef tenderloin steak with prawn
\10,800 (tax included)
The beautiful marbled sirloin steak and prawn from Kumeshima Island is carefully cooked before your eyes. The prawn's head is cooked in a rice-cracker shape. You can enjoy its crunchy texture.

Ranked No. 3
"Black-haired Japanese beef with prawn"
\12,960 (tax included)
This satisfying course allows you to enjoy both black-haired Japanese beef and prawn.

Ranked No. 2
"A lunch menu limited dish, black-haired Japanese beef tight steak with prawn"
\5,400 (tax included)
This fulfilling choice comes with a thigh steak and two prawns. You can only enjoy this reasonable menu during lunch time.

Ranked No.1
"A lunch menu limited dish, black-haired Japanese beef thigh steak"
\4,104 (tax included)
This course is also served only during lunchtime and is very reasonable. It is the most popular menu as you can enjoy a high-quality steak at a great price.

As introduced above, you can choose the course of your choice depending on your preferences and budget. I also recommend trying "tofuyo," a local Okinawa cuisine dish that tastes like cheese, as well as Okinawa's famous liquor, Ryukyu Aomori. These unique dishes offer you a special experience in which you can savor the traditional flavors of Okinawa while being in Tokyo.

Perfect for enjoying a meal on your own, as a couple, with friends, or with family members...Come and savor delicious meat in an environment where time passes slowly as though you are in Okinawa. The thoughtful services and smiles of the staff will make you feel like royalty.

Teppanyaki Steak Restaurant Heki
Ginza Dining 12F
Business Hours: Lunch 11 AM-4 PM (last order 3 PM)
Dinner 5 PM-11 PM (last order 9 PM)
Seats: 35 seats, 9 private rooms
*Children are welcomed

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