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The season of first flush tea has arrived with the arrival of early summer. Encounter the first flush tea of 2017 with Shohokuen


Experience the rich world of Japanese tea with first flush tea

Ginza Mitsukoshi B2F Japanese Tea Shohokuen

This is the time when the season changes from being marked by cherry blossom to fresh green leaves. Early summer arrives as the leaves of the town adorns itself with a deeper hue.


The season of first flush tea, called shin-cha arrives during this time. In Japan, first flush tea picked by hand during hachiju-hachi-ya is considered to be the highest quality tea. Hachiju-hachi-ya refers to the 88th day from the beginning of spring (around February 4th every year), which is around May 2nd. During this time, shops are filled with first flush teas from different regions.


Shohokuen, a store with a prestigious and long history of making and selling Japanese tea, runs a store on the 2nd floor basement of Ginza Mitsukoshi. Shohokuen was founded in Kyoto in 1645. It has a long history and is said that it began by manufacturing tea in the scenic area of Ujikowata Region. The area was on the old road that led to Nara from Kyoto and was adjacent to Uji River in the west. Shohokuen also has had a long-lasting relationship with Mitsukoshi. It has been doing business since 1914 until this today with Mitsukoshi Gofuku Store, the predecessor of Mitsukoshi. Along with bonito flakes, tea was the first food product that was sold at a Japanese department store.


During this season, you will find first flush tea from Kagoshima and Uji at Shohokuen. First flush teas are known for its sweetness. Although you may have an impression of Japanese tea being bitter, this is not the case with first flush teas.

□ Kagoshima First Flush Tea of 2017
From the right side of the photo
- Koin
-Midori no Migiri
"Shuin" and "Koin" brews a beautiful green color, the signature color of first flushed teas. It is a deep steamed tea and is easier to brew strong-tasting tea. "Midori no Migiri" is a tea that has been made by selecting tea leaves with a flavonid aroma. It is carefully formulated just as blending perfume. You can enjoy a distinctive refreshing fragrance and taste when brewing it using the usual method, as well as brewing it using cold water.


□Uji First Flush Tea from 2017


Uji first flush tea is a gold transparent color which is one of the features of early picked sencha. You will be surprised by the rich flavor it produces that is hard to imagine from the light, delicate color. This first flush tea was picked at the Uji Village. Its cold climate where you can see fogs on a river surface is ideal for growing tea. Savoring the fragrance of the first flush teas from two different regions, comparing the tastes, and observing the colors... It is a rejuvenating moment when you can experience the richness of Japanese tea. Shohokuen has a rich lineup of teas other than first flush tea. The tea that is considered to be of the highest quality is a hot product.

□ Gyokuro and Sencha Set



I'm sure that there may be many things you don't know about Japanese tea, such as "How does it taste?," "What kind of utensil do I need?," and "How do I brew it?"



If this applies to you, Mr. Takashi MiuraGinza, the store manager of Shohokuen at Ginza Mitsukoshi B2F will kindly help solve any questions or problems you might have.


He will kindly escort you to the world of Japanese tea by helping you choose tea while sampling tea or offering you an English brochure.




Shohokuen also has many kinds of tea bags for when you want to casually enjoy Japanese tea. The aromatic flavors are drawn out from the tea leaves packed in the tetra-type tea bags when you pour hot water. I recommend making Japanese tea a part of your everyday life by putting it in a portable bottle.


If you have a cup and this tea bag, you can enjoy delicious Japanese tea as you travel.

We invite you to come and choose delicious Japanese tea as a souvenir or for yourself at Shohokuen at Ginza Mitsukoshi B2F as you savor the taste of tea of a prestigious Japanese tea store and learn about the world of Japanese tea.

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