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Savor the exquisite taste and the refined time "Ginza Dining". Introducing you to the dreamy flavors of "Ginza Dining"(part 1).


"Chotoku, a famous store of Sanuki udon that fuses with refined dashi stock. The Japanese flavor that satisfies your stomach."

Ginza Mitsukoshi 11F Ginza Dining Chotoku

"Chotoku," is a famous Sanuki udon store at Ginza Gourmet at Ginza Mitsukoshi 11F. This store that plays pleasant classical music is notable for its Sanuki udon with its chewy texture. Sanuki udon is a special product of Kagawa Prefecture, which is the prefecture that consumes the most amount of udon per person in Japan. "Chewiness" is what Sanuuki udon is all about. Chotoku offers menu that you can enjoy its "chewiness" and savor the delicious taste. Let me now introduce five popular menus of "Chotoku."


Fifth Place "Tempura zaru-udon (noodles served separately and dipped in a broth)
This dish is a combination of tempura and udon. Chotoku brings out the best flavors of the tempura by changing the procedure, time, and the way the outer fried-batter layer is put on depending on the season or the ingredients used. Savor the tempura with cold udon that feel great as you swallow it.


Fourth Place "Ladies' gozen" (Ladies' meal)
This is a meal with a great value with small portion assortments so you can fully enjoy "Chotoku" delicious dishes.


Third Place "nabeyaki-udon"
"Nabeyaki-udon" is the long-time signature dish of "Chotoku." The rich-flavored dashi broth is made with carefully selected ingredients, such as the famous Rishiri kelp, several kinds of bonito flakes, and small fish. The noodles are all made by hand, which has been a proud tradition of Chotoku. It is best when it is eaten while it is still hot with the mountain vegetables such as shiitake mushrooms.


Second Place "Tori-udon" (chicken udon)
This excellent dish is made by combining Chotoku's famous golden dashi broth that uses Daisen chicken with hand-made noodles. Daisen chickens are raised given fresh, natural groundwater in the foothills of Daisen in Tottori Prefecture that is blessed with clean air.


First Place "Kaisen udon-suki" (Seafood udonsuki)
This dish is cooked using a method called udonsuki. The flavorful dashi broth made from the best ingredients, such as Rishiri kelp, bonito flakes that have been freshly shaved in the morning, and small fish pairs perfectly with Chotoku's proud tradition, hand-made noodles, and toppings such as seafood. Udonsuki is Osaka's local cuisine, which is a hot pot cuisine using udon.



I have so far introduced the top five most popular menus, but Chotoku also has other great dishes that pairs great with sake, such as "tempura no moriawase" (assorted tempura) and "dashimaki" (egg roll made with dashi broth).


Customers seeking a unique dish will be satisfied with "curry udon" that uses Japanese black beef. You can enjoy both sake and a great meal. It is perfect for a satisfying lunch or a dinner to pair with sake. Please try Japan's soul food, Sanuki udon at "Chotoku" for your next visit to Japan.



□ Refined dashi broth hand-made udon Chotoku
Ginza Dining 11F
Business Hours: 11 AM - 11 PM (last order 9:30 PM)
Seats: 32
*Children are welcomed

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