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Ms. Kobori Sosho explains about Enshu Sado (tea ceremony) school. Find the "way to casually enjoy tea."


Let's go out with a "matcha bottle"

The breath of spring is in the air. Japan's ethereal season begins with the blooming of the cherry blossoms. During this season, spring's tea ceremony is held at various places. People make tea and eat colorful wagashi (Japanese sweets) as they appreciate the flowers.

We invite you to be in touch with this special moment for a while.


From countless Sado (tea ceremony) schools, today, we will focus on Enshu Sado school. Enshu Sado school has 400 years of history that was originated by a feudal lord. The spirit of Enshu Sado lies in "Kirei Sabi," that adds beauty, brightness, and richness to the spirit of "Wabi Sabi" and has created a beauty of objectivity and harmony that is considered to be beautiful by all. From Enshu Sado school, we will introduce you "the world of tea that can be enjoyed casually in our modern lifestyles" that Ms. Kobori Sosho is suggesting.


Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could casually enjoy authentic tea outside? To make tea you would need at least matcha, chawan (Japanese tea cup), and chasen (bamboo tea whisk). This "matcha bottle" was designed by Ms. Kobori Sosho with the theme, a "tearoom you can bring around." With a compactly contained chasen, portable matcha, and dessert case, it is worthy to be called a walking tea room. It is an item that enables to casually enjoy tea. For example, you can have a mini-tea ceremony in the open air or make tea beside hanami (admiring the cherry blossoms as you have a picnic).




Are you a tea-lover who longs to be more in touch with tea? If this is you, try making tea as you take time in a room, while listening to the sound of the water boiling. Soak yourself in the tranquil moment that brings peace to your busy life. Finding your favorite chawan (Japanese tea cup) is also the pleasure of Sado. This is a "Shitoro" ware chawan designed by the founder of Enshu Sado (tea ceremony) school, Mr. Kobori Enshu. It has a unique shape called "maeose" in which the front is dented. This front dent is what expresses the world view of "Kirei Sabi." You will feel dignified just by admiring it.


If you master the courage to join a tea ceremony, you will surely be rewarded with an invaluable experience. On March 18th (Sat) and the 25th (Sat) on the 7th floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi Japan Edition, there will be a "ryurei" (tea ceremony using chairs and tables instead of the traditional tatami mat) style tea ceremony. This is the perfect occasion to experience what a real Japanese tea ceremony is like. You get to learn the mannerisms of "Sado" while savoring delicious wagashi (Japanese dessert) and matcha.


Now that you are going to attend an authentic tea ceremony, it's time to prepare the other important details, including attire as well as preparing your heart.

I would like to suggest taking advantage of this occasion and add a touch of "wa" (Japanese taste) to your look. There couldn't be a better time to wear a kimono.


Pulling your hair up and wearing a "kanzashi" (traditional Japanese hair ornament) would look stunning with your kimono. You can also put a "fukusa" (textile used during tea ceremony) with spring-inspired patterns in your bag and bring it to the tea ceremony.


When invited to a tea ceremony, you must bring a bag called "sukiyabukuro".

It is a bag for storing all the necessary items for the tea ceremony, such as "fukusa", "kaishi" (a type of mini napkin used to place sweets or wipe the rim of the chawan after drinking it), and toothpicks. This elegant sukiyabukuro with a modern twist is from Salon de Kimono on the 7th floor.


We invite you to travel to the world of tea to enjoy a dreamy moment at Ginza Mitsukoshi this mid-March. Let it refresh your spirit as you feel a sense of relaxation.

□ Invitation to our tea ceremony

March 18th (Sat)

①13: 00-



March 25th (Sat)


②14:00 -

③15:00 -

④16:00 -

5 people for each time. Participation fee is ¥2,160.

□ "Japanese items Kobori Yuko favors"

Introducing the small modern items of Kobori Yuko's selection

March 15th (Wed) - 21st (Tue)

7th Floor, Salon de Kimono

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