"Herbs" are heartening items at the change of the season


Warm your heart and body from the core with "herbs" that have been popular for a long time in the West for health and beauty.

Ginza Mitsukoshi 7th floor herb specialty shop "enherb"

We are in a season when we feel spring steadily approaching.
However, there are still days that are quite cold.
Try warming your heart and body from the inside with "herbs" that have been popular for a long time in the West for health and beauty.

"Enherb" on the 7th floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi is a herb specialty store.
A herb blender with accurate knowledge design and prepare herbs according to the customer's request.

Herbal teas don't contain unnecessary additives such as caffeine (except for some herbs), sugar, preservatives, artificial fragrances, or artificial coloring. This is why it is perfect for people who are health-conscious. The nutrition derived from the earth by plants melts into the hot water and gives it a vivid color and flavor. Your body and your five senses will gently respond to the nature's remedy.

"Yuzu ginger" is a seasonal limited herbal tea we would like to recommend drinking on a chill, cold day. "Yuzu" is the seasonal citrus of winter. Its refreshing aroma and bittersweet acid make it an indispensable citrus for many Japanese for cooking and for everyday life. "Yuzu yu" is created by putting yuzu in bathwater and letting it float. It is said to be effective in warming your body from the core, and is one of the traditional Japanese winter customs that has been passed down for centuries.

"Yuzu ginger" is made using yuzu peel and ginger, adding herbs such as coneflower, lemon balm, elderflower. These herbs are reliable and will soothe you on a cold day, and are blended with just the right balance.

The mild acidity and the natural sweetness of "yuzu ginger" are pleasant as it nourishes your body. The refreshing aroma of yuzu and lemon balm will revitalize your spirit. You can sample the herbal tea at the store, which allows you to try herbs that interest you.
* Please note that sampling ends as soon as the stocks are gone.

Herbal tea is sold in 1 g unit from 50 g. Enherb offers the optimum herbal tea personalized to their customers. Their selection includes "seasonal blend" which is tailored to the seasonal distresses, and "tailored-made herbal tea" which is blended on the spot after asking the customer's irritations or preferences.

Essential oils are another effective remedy for seasonal problems.
The essential oil is 100% natural and maintains the plants' natural components that have been extracted. The fragrance is ideal to be enjoyed at an environment where you want to relax, such as your room.

You can also purchase an aroma diffuser at Enherb. Its compact shape transforms a simple gesture like carrying it into a voguish act. It is recommended from recovering from a long trip as well as for rejuvenating yourself on a daily basis.

A healthy mind and body are important for living every day that is vivid and fulfilling.
Try drinking herbal tea which is a "drink that will make your body happy" instead of water, and turn hydrating your body into a health-conscious habit. Herbs have the power to gently and peacefully sooth your mind. Why not incorporate it into your daily lifestyle for health?

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