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Ginza Mitsukoshi's Valentine in 2017 presents "GINZA Sweets Collection 2017" with the theme of excitement


Ginza Mitsukoshi Valentine's collection, offering the fun of choosing refined chocolate from around the world.

7th event space

9th Floor Ginza Terrace and Terrace Court

February 14th is Valentine's Day. How do people in your home country spend Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day became popular in Japan when Isetan conducted a campaign in 1958. People give "honmei choco (true love chocolate)" to lovers and "giri choco (obligation chocolate)" to other men. Giri choco can be an important tool to express your gratitude. More and more women are also purchasing "tomo choco (friend chocolate)" to give to each other. In Japan, giving chocolate on Valentine's Day is a way to create an opportunity to communicate.


Valentine's Day in Europe and the U.S. is a day when lovers confirm their love for each other. People give lovely presents to each other and enjoy a romantic dinner. The phrase, "Will you be my valentine?" means "Will you be my lover?" and is often used when someone professes his or her love.

In China, men usually give presents to women. One of the customs include men sending a large bouquet to the women's office. In an effort to make her look good, men spend a lot of money to deliver large and gorgeous bouquets.

In Korea, April 14th is more famous than February 14th. April 14th is called black day, and is a day for people who were not fortunate enough to receive anything on Valentine's Day or White Day. People eat noodles called "Jajan noodles" covered with black sauce, which is considered the symbol of loneliness.

As you can see, there are various customs around the world for Valentine's Day. However, love for lovers and gratitude for friends is universal.

In Ginza Mitsukoshi, "GINZA Sweets Collection 2017" will be held during January 25th (Wed) - February 14th (Tue).


The theme this year is "dejoie! tressaillir ", which is French for "exciting."

Among the approximately 70 brands that will gather the must-see brand this year is "Lillian Bonnefoy," which is the first time it will be introduced in Japan. Mr. Lillian Bonnefoy, who is a chocolatier who worked at the finest resort hotel in Southern France, and then set up a boutique in Antibes.



Lilian Bonneufoa, Chocolate Assort allows you to enjoy various flavors such as fruit, caramel flavored ganache, almond, and hazelnut praline.


There are two kinds of tablets, praline type with hazelnut and confit with dry fig.


Let me now introduce 4 hot brands.

francois DOUCET

A brand that was created by a family who has been running a confectionery shop for generations since 1872. A BOX reminiscent of a jewel box, with chocolate-coated Pad de Fluyi made with fruit juice from raisins, oranges, apples, and figs. This is a Ginza Mitsukoshi-limited product.



Founded in 1949 in Northern Belgium. Its uncompromising commitment to deliciousness has earned the love of chocolate lovers from around the world. The diamond and a heart-shaped chocolate is perfect for a gift from women to men.


Au Chat Bleu

Opened in 1912 at the luxury resort, "Le Touquet Paris Plage" where European celebrities spend their vacation. Just like the name of the store suggests, the blue cat is the trademark of the brand. This will be its long-awaited introduction to Japan for the first time.



8 planets of the solar system is the motif of this artistic and beautiful chocolat. It expresses the taste of the planet in a variety of fruit purees such as ganache, tea, and spice. Jupiter tastes like vanilla, and earth tastes like cocoa. It makes you wonder, "I wonder what that planet tastes like?"


This Valentine's Day, why not try expressing your personality through gifts other than chocolate?

Lalitpur is an organic brand from Nepal, and its message soap is a gift that allows people to enjoy the passage of time just like a letter. Hide secrets in the soap and give it as a present that you may not be able to say in person, such as celebration, appreciation, and confession. It also becomes a stylish surprise.


If you are looking for something to express the essence of Japan, try ESTEBAN chocolat gift of Nippon Kodo. ESTEBAN chocolat gift is a ceramic that creates a fragrant space, which is as delicate and beautiful as chocolat. The beautiful form looks like a real chocolate.


For example, giving a present from a man to a woman on Valentine's Day. Unlike what happens usually, it may become a tremendous surprise that will be greatly appreciated. In an occasion like that, try selecting Bell Fleurs' Flower Box.


Choosing a nice Valentine present as you imagine the smile of the person receiving it. This is joy is universal.

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