A gorgeous world adorned with gold and silver perfect for everyday


Products that bear an elegant glow will enrich your life beyond its original worth

7th Floor Gallery, Japan Edition, Remix Style

"Owashi (Kingly eagle)" by MITSUNORI

There will be an exhibition, "Gold Collection〜the Brilliant World of Gold〜" at the 7th floor gallery of Ginza Mitsukoshi during February 8th (Wed) - 14th (Tue). We will introduce the glamorous world of gold from different angles.

"Dragon and Tiger" by MITSUNORI

There will be a wide range of items ranging from figurines such as lucky objects to artworks, Buddhist objects, and accessories.
The golden glow that lasts forever appeals to many people. There are many customers who purchase the golden items not only as an ornament but also as a treasure for the household or as an investment.

If you are looking for something to incorporate into your daily life, silver products are a perfect choice.
Remix Style on the 7th floor sells products from "Christofle," a prestigious French brand founded in 1830.

Ever since it was founded, "Christofle" has maintained its superb quality and the soothing feeling it offers whenever people use its products.
The beautiful design that adorns the dining table was chosen as the Purveyor to the Royal Household of France. It has been loved by many historically famous individuals such as Napoleon III and is greatly esteemed among embassies and first-class hotels around the world. It is also recommended by many chefs.

"MOOD GOLD" is a cutlery set coated with 24-carat gold that gives a gorgeous impression.
The modern design drawing a smooth curve like an object draws attention and can be used as an ornament or your home. It glimmers beautifully like a mirror and creates an elegant atmosphere.

〈Christofle〉Tea Party for Spring
February 1st (Wed) - 14th (Tue)
■7th Floor Global Message
This is an event that offers a rich lineup of items from Christofle that adorns the spring table
During the event, there will be a special service of engraving the customer's name on the same day for people who purchased over ¥10,800 (tax included) of chopsticks, photo frames, or bookmarkers.

Here is another popular and hot item. This "yuwakashi" (hot water boiler) is a type of utensil used for making tea in Japan that can be found at Japan Edition on the 7th floor. In recent years, "sayu" which a custom of drinking cooled water after boiling it using a "tetsubin" (iron pot) made by Japanese craftsmen has become a trend among people who like to take care of their health.

Among the pots, "ginbin" (silver pot) made by "Mori Ginki" (Mori Silverware) is what I would like to especially recommend. The water boiled using this becomes milder than normal sayu and is ideal for heating sake.
The beautiful conical shape with the "arare" which is the many points sticking out is one of the traditional designs. It is made by craftsmen taking each pot and shaping the points by hitting on it over and over again.

The name, "Ginza" comes "Ginza Yakusho" (Ginza Government Office) that existed in the Edo Era (1603 - 1868) when there were factories making silver coins and people buying and managing silver.

You can purchase gold products as an investment or as an ornament or incorporate silver products for daily use. The products that glow with an authentic shine will adore your everyday life beyond its original worth and is sure to enrich your heart.

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