Not sure which cosmetics to choose? A cosme concierge can help you select the perfect item from among a wide variety of brands.


Cosmetic concierges do more than just give you information--these truly knowledgeable experts provide close customer service to meet your needs.


GINZA COSME WORLD, located on the B1F of Ginza Mitsukoshi, is packed so full of items that any cosmetics fan can't help but feel captivated. Many customers visit in search of a wide variety of cosmetics.

GINZA COSME WORLD boasts the largest selection of brands in Ginza--from top global cosmetics brands to Japanese cosmetics brands--and carries a wide variety of brands and items, including everything from natural cosmetics to fragrances.

What's more, a cosme concierge can always be found at "Ginza Cosme Information," located in front of the up escalator on the west side of B1F, right in the center of the floor. These concierges are available to help customers select the right cosmetics from among the many brands carried there.

Ms. Hagihara, cosme concierge.
Cosmetics products, starting with standard and featured brand products, are often known to change with the season. Ms. Hagihara begins her research by first studying the concept of each brand at the start of the season.

She also takes part in training sessions to get a good handle on the characteristics of each brand, popular products, and other information. In addition to checking up on new and limited edition products, she also gathers information on discontinued or changed products.
Cosme concierges constantly exchange information with one another, making them truly knowledgeable in a way that would be impossible by sticking with a single brand.

Don't know where to find the product you're looking for? Want to find the color that suits you? Curious about your skin condition? Looking for a recommendation for a present? Cosme concierges are standing by to answer your questions.

Completely lost? Just ask a cosme concierge for help. They're happy to introduce products that would be a great match for your lifestyle.

Just mention the item you're looking for or whatever else is on your mind, and you'll be recommended the perfect product just for you.
You'll also be handed a referral card, which you can use to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible.
(You may be asked to wait during busy periods.)

You can also find a trial space in Ginza Cosme Information, giving you a chance to see the hottest items up close and in person. It's the perfect opportunity to test out recommended seasonal items and compare brands.

The counseling space is where to go to have your skin condition checked and to receive advice on skin care and makeup products to complement your complexion. (*Appointments take priority.) Worried about a language barrier? Don't be--Ginza Mitsukoshi is staffed by employees who can provide interpretation services.

Cosme concierges apply their rich knowledge toward meeting your needs.
When asked why she does what she does, Ms. Hagihara answered, "I just love cosmetics!"
Their love of cosmetics is what allows cosme concierges to offer close support that takes a wide range of brands into account.
Their ability to provide customer service based on useful knowledge that goes beyond just giving out information is extremely valuable to customers.

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