Christmas decorations made with the utmost passion every year.


These decorations take an entire year to get just right, and are sure to jazz up your Christmas.

As we approach Christmas, the streets start being decorated even more brilliantly than usual. Ginza Mitsukoshi makes an especially strong effort when it comes to decorating during Christmas and other large events. Let's take a look at what's going on behind the scenes this Christmas.

Preparations normally begin as early as one to two months ahead of time for in-store decorations. For a large event like Christmas, however, preparations actually can take as long as one year. The theme this Christmas is "Life is a Gift." This means that focus on the "winter solstice festival" that's said to be the origin of Christmas, give thanks to the sun, and celebrate life during the long nights of the "winter solstice" season. The inside of the store will be covered in Christmas decorations overflowing with warmth and gratitude for nature and the sun.

Once the decoration plan and which products to decorate have been decided, staff members begin actually decorating inside the store. This can't be done during business hours, so designers, installation contractors, members of the production staff, directors (who display products) and more all work together after hours to ensure that their job is done by the time the store opens the next morning at 10:30.

This massive tree near the Ginza Mitsukoshi lion entrance seems to reach the ceiling.

Decorated in warm colors, the decorations give off a dazzling but soft light and represent our gratitude for the sun.

The colors of products decorating displays are decided each period to keep the inside of the store looking consistent. The colors are changed every two to three weeks. The display for the Fashion Items sales area on the 1F featured pinks and grays the day this photo was taken. Members of the staff combined them with these animals, the theme motif for the Christmas decorations. Staff assigned to the displays meets in the sales area to discuss and decide what products to display, so that they go well with the theme colors of the decorations.

This large decoration is found near the 1F escalators. A variety of products selected from throughout Ginza Mitsukoshi are placed in these boxes that are colored to evoke the glow of a sunrise.

You might think these were placed willy-nilly, but the sizes and angles are carefully planned to make the products look even more wonderful, all based on the theme of the decoration. Then, a decorator carefully displays each product.

There's another large decoration on the B1F that was also designed to evoke the glow of sunrise. These "bamboo lamps" are placed around the foot of the decoration. Inside each lamp, a candle is lit to project light from the holes. A Christmas tree, made by hand by Ginza Mitsukoshi employees out of these bamboo lights, can be found on Ginza Terrace.

There are even decorations around the subway entrance on the B1F. Seeing this, you might think of the light from the sun washing over the sky over a hill covered in nature.

Pictured here are the members of the staff responsible for combining products with decorations. They've put a lot of passion into making the many Christmas decorations found throughout Ginza Mitsukoshi, so that you can have a truly wonderful experience.

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