Some little tricks to stay warm--and fashionable--this winter.


Scarves and stoles aren't just for keeping your neck warm! They're also great as fashion accessories. We'll also introduce one recommended way to wear them.

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Sometimes it gets so cold out during the cold seasons you'd think you'll freeze! Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to stay warm--and fashionable? Accessories worn around your face are just the thing to add a touch of glamor to your look. Scarves and stoles warm your neck and shoulders, protecting your body from the cold.

The Fashion Items sales area on the 1F offers scarves, stoles, and other accessories featuring a variety of materials and textures, from brands both inside and outside Japan.

Ponchos are popular accessories that completely cover you from shoulder to arm. "HURRI CURRI" is a Japanese brand that uses only the best materials, with a particular focus on silk. Made from raised fabric, these are warm and easy to wear.

Winter fashions tend to feature dark colors. Why not add some color to your wardrobe with these colorful stoles? Red is a particularly popular color. These are perfect as accents for coordinating your outfit.

The "Kaz saito" series of lace stoles features lovely embroidery. The chic coloring results in a design that can easily be worn in formal and casual occasions. They also go great with a kimono. The lining is made from a silk material, keeping it light but warm.

These snoods are knitted in Japan from threads manufactured by "CARIAGGI," the famous Italian spinning company that provides materials to big-name brands throughout the world. Just wear it wrapped twice around the neck for a stylish look.

This convenient stole from the popular series by the famous snood brand "Sarti" is made from a rayon material and can be worn year-round. Combine it with your favorite pearl necklace for a gorgeous look.

We recommend wearing your new scarf or muffler in the "Milano" style. It's also sometimes called the "Pitti" style. It's said that this style originally became popular during "PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO," (i.e. PITTI UOMO) the world's largest men's pret-a-porter trade fair, held in Florence, Italy. It creates a more three-dimensional and stylish silhouette compared with simply wrapping it once around your neck.

The "Milano" style may look complicated, but it's really not difficult once you've got the hang of it. Keep one end short as you wrap it once around your neck. Then, take the long end and pull it in slightly from the inside, creating a loop. Pass the short end through the loop you just made, and then adjust to give the scarf or stole more volume. Finished!

We recommend using a "stole clip" for those times when you want to easily arrange your scarf or stole, or to insert a stitched ornament. These stole clips from "RELIANCE" are beautiful like jewelry. They can also be used as brooches or pendants.

They're also very easy to use. Simply overlap the material where you want to clip, and pinch it in place. Open the stole clip, pass the scarf or stole through the ring from the outside in, and then pinch it out. Spread the portion you pinched out, arrange its shape, and then close the clip. That's it!

In other words, if you're worried about how to use or wear these accessories, don't be. Our staff are also available to explain popular styles, and will even tie your new scarf or stole for you if requested! Interpreters are always on hand, so there's no reason to worry if you don't understand Japanese.

Scarves and stoles are fashionable and can be arranged in a variety of ways by coordinating them with your outfit or just wearing them in different ways. These little tricks can keep your warm during the cold seasons--and can be a lot of fun to wear!

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