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Have you fallen in love with the hard-to-get eiderdown quilt ?

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In Japan, seasons start to change from Autumn to Winter in early November. It is getting colder day by day, and people feel a desire for something warm. It is nice to have soft and warm bedclothes for daily use.In this season, down quilts are drawing attention on TV, in magazines as well as in shops. Many people use them throughout the year, and especially it is one of the MUST have items to get, and use in the cold winter season.


In general, a down quilt means a quilt containing feathers in it, allowing air to pass through easily. Now, we are curious about what kind of feathers are used? There are two types of feathers; goose and duck feathers. In general, Goose feathers have bigger down balls comparing to duck feathers, which is more suitable for down quilt.



At the Sleeping item section on the 7th Floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi, a variety of bedclothes are available using mother white goose down and eiderdown. Hard-to-get eiderdown is light brown-colored and its fluffy down ball is soft and bigger than that of other types of down, retaining more heat.


The quality of the down quilt is guaranteed, using either types of feathers. One of the Japanese bed quilt makers, Nishikawa Sangyo Co., Ltd. has established a product line "iDECOR" exclusively for Isetan Mitsukoshi with a ranking system depending on the down content rate as described below:

-One-star Rank: the down content rate 90%


-Two-star Rank: the down content rate 93%


-Three-star Rank: the down content rate 95%


People can place a custom-order for this product so that they can get and enjoy whenever they like. It takes about 3 weeks to one month at longest to be finished. The customers must be patient for a while but they should be happy, because they can have a down quilt of their own.It is possible to put it in a special bag and bring it back home with them if they find what they like.



When it is taken out of the bag, it remains amazingly soft and comfortable.Ginza Mitsukoshi can send their products overseas (subject to shipping cost).Hotel delivery service is also available, to deliver the down quilt purchased to local hotels nearby.Please feel free to ask the details to the staff in charge of the service.


How to handle it after the purchase is explained in detail, so that the customers can use and enjoy it for a long-time.Down is an animal protein and easily damaged by moisture.It is strongly recommended to get it washed and cleaned by an expert laundryman.It should be dried out of the direct sunlight with the cover on It.It would be nice to spend the time during the winter season wrapped around by a long-lasting high quality down quilt.


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