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Looking down over the Ginza 4-Chome Crossing


Only place in Japan where we can enjoy tea time at a salon, LADURÉE Ginza.

On 2F of Ginza Mitsukoshi

Here is the Ginza 4-Chome Crossing at Chuo Street. It is well-known as the crossing facing with Ginza Mitsukoshi where you can spend time to recall what you experienced while you traveled around in Japan.

LADURÉE Ginza is a tea salon with boutique of traditional French style patisserie maison, LADURÉE. LADURÉE's macaron is extremely famous worldwide.
LADURÉE was established in 1862 and in 1997 Champs Elysees Branch was opened on 75 Champs Elysees. In July 2008, they opened a salon in Ginza Mitsukoshi, very first one in Japan. Even if the time goes by, it has continued to attract female customers. Interpretation of LADURÉE's concept never change.

There are two entrances - one on the side of the main entrance on 1st floor and another one on the 2nd floor.
Entrance on 1st Floor
Entrance on 2nd Floor
You can go into Salon directly from the 1st Floor.
Tables and seats are neatly set in the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, from where we can look down over the Chuo Street. It brings back the great classics embodied in old Paris.
In quiet and relaxed ambience, we can take time having a cup of tea with macarons.
Ginza Chuo Street, the 4-Chome Crossing is popular photo spot among the foreign visitors as well. At this Salon, they can enjoy a cup of tea as well as take some photos at this best of bests-photo spot.
There are menus written in English and Chinese, in addition to Japanese and French.
You can enjoy most relaxed moment with highly recommended patisseries, and at the same time you can take photos.
FRAISE LADURÉE - full of strawberries
SPAHAN - roses, framboise (raspberry in French) and lychee are harmonious
Not only sweets, but also they offer light meal such as sandwich during lunchtime.
After you spent luxurious time, go to the exit in the Salon on the 2nd Floor, you can find colorful macarons and patisseries. In this area, there is a boutique offering candles, room fragrance, etc.
Each macaron has unique color and taste. Why don't you buy whatever you like and take it back in a box you like? Tea time or a moment you have desert will be more enjoyable.
You can find LADURÉE other products on other floors at Ginza Mitsukoshi. On the 1st Floor, hand towel, handkerchief and shopping bags are available. On Basement 1, cosmetics in cute designed box are available at Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE. These items are embodying the interpretation of LADURÉE's concept.
Even if you are at LADURÉE Ginza in Japan, you feel like as if you were sitting in a fashionable salon in Paris and enjoying a cup of tea. It is good idea to spend time for a while here to recall what you experienced at places you traveled in Japan, isn't it?

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