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Not sure which wine to select? Ask a wine sommeliers for some suggestions.


Get some expert help in selecting your perfect bottle from among a wide selection of wines from all over the world.

B3F La Cave


La Cave on the B3F of the Main Ginza Mitsukoshi Building carries a wide variety of wines from all over the world.


There's much more than just a wide selection. It's also staffed by experts who can help you to select the perfect bottle of alcohol you're looking for. The wine corner is staffed by qualified wine experts called wine sommeliers.


The interviewer asked a wine sommelier to recommend some wines. He asked me some very detailed questions including my dietary preferences and how often I drink, and ended up teaching me a great deal about wine.

One particularly intriguing wine was "Beaune du Chateau Premier Cru 2011," a brand boasting a history of some 100 years. This wine was produced under the concept of "a ripe taste--whenever it's opened." During a taste test sommeliers compared several products, finding that the "2011" vintage was of excellent quality even among other vintages over the last several years, and therefore selected it as a standard product to carry in the wine corner--saying a great deal about their professionalism!


The wine sommeliers also introduced me to several other intriguing wines. "muku" is produced in a California winery founded by Kenzo Tsujimoto, founder of the world-famous game company, Capcom. Characterized by a concentrated combination of the aroma of the fruit and just the right amount of sweetness, this late harvest white wine is known to completely sell out due to its depth of flavor and topicality.


Chateau Katsunuma's "Ougon no Oka Yamanashi" is produced in Yamanashi Prefecture, which boasts the longest history of grape cultivation in Japan. The wine is made completely by hand, from cultivating the grapes to brewing and selling the wine--all under the motto, "a focus on all aspects of production."

The white wine uses 100% Japanese "Koshu" grapes, which combine just the right amount of sourness with an opulent aroma. Its refreshing flavor goes very well with Japanese cuisine, making it a popular choice in Japan. How about enjoying a glass or two in your hotel room along with some snacks purchased at the deli found on the B2F?

Red wine is just as easy to drink, but offers a fruity flavor. No matter what you choose you'll be able to enjoy some unique Japanese flavors.


"La Cave" also carries some very hard-to-find wines; members of the staff are happy to answer your detailed questions and respond to your requests. Looking for a gift for a friend? Provide a member of the staff with some information on your friend and what you're looking for and he or she will be happy to offer some suggestions.


You can also find a nice selection of small half-sized bottles. These are perfect as small souvenirs or for sampling a brand you might be interested in. How about buying a few bottles for a taste test?


The professionals at "La Cave" are happy to chat about products and share their expertise. Ask a wine sommeliers for help and you're sure to find the perfect bottle!

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