From changing stations to nursing rooms and parent and child breaks rooms, Ginza Mitsukoshi is the perfect place to take your children with you shopping.


Ginza isn't just for adults! Visit some spots that are fun for the whole family.

Ginza Mitsukoshi 9F


Many people tend to think of Ginza as a place for adults that is full of high end brand shops. However, there are plenty of spots that parents can enjoy with their children.


Ginza Mitsukoshi features a terrace garden and cafe (takeout available) on the 9F, for the perfect spot to spend some time with your child. Complete with changing stations, nursing rooms, and other amenities, you won't have to worry about life's little emergencies when shopping.


In addition to providing a wide usage space, the changing stations are complete with trash receptacles for trash and diapers, and diaper vending machines--all to keep you from getting stressed about changing diapers.


You can even find scales with memory functions to measure the height and weight of your baby. This helps you to adjust the amount of milk and to keep track of your baby's weight.


Men are not allowed into the nursing rooms, and there are three private rooms equipped with hot water pots (*for preparing milk).


The private rooms are completely separate and are wide enough to fit a baby carriage. Mothers can enter with their babies, without having to worry in the slightest about their packages or bags.


Feeling a little tired from all that shopping? Take advantage of the parent and child break rooms. These are perfect for those times when your child is in a bad mood or when it's time for his or her meal.


Rooms are equipped with playrooms (please be sure to take shoes off first) and baby chairs for meal time. Complete with hot water pots (*for milk preparation) and vending machines selling children's juice, these rooms allow you to take a short break from it all. Ginza Mitsukoshi is committed to making your time spent shopping enjoyable in every way.

There are plenty of places around Ginza for children to enjoy! Why not stretch your legs and make a visit?

October Halloween Event Notice

Free Balloon Art

Children who attend will receive free balloon art

Dates: Saturday 10/1, Sunday 10/2, Saturday 10/8, Sunday 10/9

Times: 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm (twice a day)

Capacity: First 50 people to arrive

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