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Bring some "color" to your life with Japanese incense.


Find your own incense style with a variety of Japanese incense sticks, incense burners, incense stands, and other beautiful products developed with Japanese skill.

7F Japan Edition


Japanese incense comes in a variety of aromas and has the uncanny ability to put your mind at rest. In Japan, the culture of burning incense in rooms, wearing it on clothing, or just enjoying incense on its own had its start around 800 AD.


Japanese incense is made from two types of fragrant wood: agarwood and sandalwood. Sandalwood is often used to make incense sticks due to its characteristically magnificent aroma. Agarwood combines five aromas in one: sweet, sharp, bitter, sour, and salty. Agarwood of especially high quality is called aloeswood, and carries an even more refined aroma.


Some incense even includes floral fragrances. These brightly colored "Kayuragi" incense sticks from 〈Nippon Kodo〉 were designed with aromas based on the scents of the most well-loved flowers in Japan. They come in a wide variety of aromas including cherry blossom, wisteria, rose, and fragrant olive--making them perfect as gifts for someone special.


Japanese incense comes in three shapes: sticks, cones, or coils. Each has its own use. For example, cone-shaped incense is perfect for enjoying a short time before going out, while coil-shaped incense burns slower and is great before going to bed.


Searching for an incense burner that strikes your fancy is yet another way to enjoy incense. This kutani-ware incense burner, "Aochibu-hosoge," was created by a kutani-ware artist named Kingyoku Nakada.


This wonderful piece is inlaid with "aochibu" using traditional kutani-ware techniques, for a beautiful contrast between blue and gold.


To use an incense burner, simply light an incense stick and place it on the ash inside the burner. Leave the lid open so as not to extinguish the incense stick, and enjoy.


When not in use, incense burners can serve as wonderful pieces to spice up your interior. Each incense burner is crafted with Japanese sensitivity and skill, so you're sure to find one you'll love.


You can also find incense stands made to resemble cherry blossoms, lotus petals, and other traditional Japanese designs. These are perfect for enjoying Japanese incense, or even as wonderful souvenirs.


Come visit 〈Japan Edition〉 on the 7F of Ginza Mitsukoshi for a wide selection of aroma-related products, from Japanese incense to incense burners. You're sure to find the perfect product that matches your incense style and adds some "color" to your life.

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