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The beautiful jewel-like cut glass "Edo kiriko".


Gaze at the sparkle of the "Edo kiriko" while pouring Japanese sake.

7th Floor Japan Edition


"Edo kiriko", a traditional Japanese glass craft, has long been beloved by Japanese for their stunning jewel-like sparkle and detailed designs.


The first "Edo kiriko" glassware was produced in Edo (present-day Tokyo) over 180 years ago. Initially, they were made by shaving clear glass using sand or wood. With advancements in technology, clear glass covered in color glass became the norm for present day Edo kiriko glassware.


With further advancements in glass technology, it has become possible to depict the sparkle beaming from the red and blue glass even more beautifully. The intricate patterns, called "kikutsunagi" are traditional Edo kiriko designs.


The works produced by popular craftsman Yoshihiro Mitamura feature subtle cuts and designs that combine the tradition of Edo kiriko with a modern style. The name of his series of gui-nomi (Japanese sake cup) and glasses is "Nagare", which means "to flow". As the name suggests, the designs resemble beautiful flowing water.


The more the patterns intersect, the more difficult and longer the manufacturing process is. You can see the true skill of the craftsmen by how intricate the designs are. Another aspect that is extremely sensitive is the polishing of the cut patterns to make them smooth when they are held.


Yoshihiro Mitamura's "Hibana" glasses feature patterns that resemble flickering flames and amber colors. When you pour Japanese sake or other drinks into the glass, you can get an even stronger sense of the sparkle that is emitted from the cut patterns.


The faint amber color of the "gui-nomi" cups glow like jewels. These "gui-nomi" cups are typically made with ceramic ware, glass, or tin, and are mainly used when drinking sake. The gui-nomi cups of "Edo kiriko" are extremely popular among collectors, as they can be put on display or used to enjoy Japanese sake.


We highly recommend visiting La Cave, located on the third basement floor, where you can find a wide range of delicious Japanese sake which will fit the cups.


When drinking Japanese sake, the "tokkuri", which is a Japanese-style flask, and an "ochoko", which is a smaller version of a "gui-nomi" cup, are often used as a set.

Enjoy a nice relaxing night by pouring chilled Japanese sake for yourself and admiring the stunning sparkle from the Edo kiriko glass.

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