Have fun preparing for autumn with a unique outfit!


We've found some wonderful items at two specially-themed shops. Come check out some fashion trends perfect for the season.

4F 4th of GINZA

September is almost here! That means we finally get some relief from the summer heat--and that the streets will be full of people sporting the latest autumn fashions. Ginza Mitsukoshi has also begun to shift to a more autumn-like atmosphere, and already has plenty of trendy items on display. 〈Le PLAYCE〉, a specially-themed shop located on the 3F, offers Tokyo fashions under their concept of "fashion trends from Tokyo to the world."

This light pleated skirt in trendy gray is perfect for autumn. The new trend this autumn is "soft conscious." These outfits have a loose silhouette, but are worn in such a way that they accentuate the shape of your body for a feminine look--such as tucking the top into the skirt or tightening a belt around your waist. It's easy to stay in fashion. Simply tuck your top into a long bottom!

The "double trapezoid" silhouette is another trendy style, where the top and bottom of the outfit both spread out toward the cuffs. There are several other outfits that are easy even for a beginner to coordinate. One example is to combine a short top (such as a poncho) with gaucho pants or a flared skirt.

Combine brightly-colored inner wear with a lace top, and then cover the top with a long-sleeved top for a layered look that is perfect for autumn. Depending on the color and style, you can even take your summer items and coordinate them with your autumn outfits.

〈4th of Ginza〉, a specially-themed shop on the 4F, is your source for modern fashions focusing on international brands. The 2016 autumn-winter collection was designed under the concept of wearing what you want without any rules.

Take a trendy "big silhouette" coat and combine it with a knitted top and denim pants worn fashionably disheveled for an instantly unique style--made even from basic items.


The side seams and cuff lining give these wide denim pants a playful and unique design. Leave them unbuttoned and coordinate them however you want.

Why stop there? This stole, worn haphazardly around the shoulders, gives the outfit an even more unique look. Stoles by 〈tamaki niime〉, a brand specializing in traditional Hyogo prefecture textiles called banshuori, are each made by hand. These beautiful accessories are soft and very comfortable.

The trend this autumn is to combine a variety of patterns, materials, and colors, and to wear your outfit the way you want. Come visit these two specially-themed shops in Ginza Mitsukoshi and browse the many seasonal brand items on display. Why not enjoy the coming of the new season with a unique outfit that is perfect for you?

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