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As the days of summer wind down, we are greeted by the autumn season.


We feel the changing of the four seasons in Japan with elegant sweets. Enjoy some of the delicious autumn ingredients in unique Japanese sweets.

Main building 2nd Basement Floor

The hot summer days continue in Japan, but before you know it the fall will arrive. On the 2nd basement floor of the main building of Ginza Mitsukoshi, you can find a wide range of dishes and confections made with seasonal ingredients that are available from the end of the summer to the beginning of the fall. Enjoy the sweet taste of autumn with Japanese seasonal foods such as chestnuts, grapes, and persimmons.


(Ginza Kanoko's) "anmitsu" (bean jam and fruit served in syrup) made with peeled chestnut and chestnut with astringent skin, is a dish that can only be found at the Ginza Mitsukoshi store. Chestnuts have long been considered a lucky food in Japan. For the syrup drizzled on the "anmitsu", choose between the simple "white syrup" made only with sugar and malt syrup, and the rich taste "black syrup", which is made with brown sugar.


The combination of the sweet gold-colored peeled chestnuts and chestnuts with astringent skin is very rare. The chestnuts with astringent skin were made by boiling the chestnuts while preserving the skin and sweetness, and have a very rich flavor. By combining them with the plain taste of the "anmitsu," you can enjoy the varying tastes of the two types of chestnuts.


(Sun Fruits') "Grape Bavarian Cream". This dessert combines milk-flavored Bavarian cream topped with white grape jelly, and served with a choice of "Kyoho grapes" and Muscat of Alexandria with seeds removed or seedless Pione grapes and Shine muscats.


The Muscat of Alexandria, Pione grapes, and Shine muscats are produced in Okayama prefecture, and have been widely recognized for their juicy pulp and rich flavor. They are considered some of the best quality grapes that Japan has to offer.


(Patisserie Mon Cher's) "Peach and Grape Nama Daifuku" (soft round rice cake stuffed with sweet bean jam) can only be purchased at Mitsukoshi department stores.


The "daifukus" are filled with "gyuhi," softer variety of rice cake, and peach that was preserved in syrup covered with milk-flavored cream. The rich taste of grapes and peaches with the original cream creates a well-balanced flavor that isn't too sweet.


On the 2nd basement floor of the main building, you can find a select shop called "Kayuan(shop's name)" that sells food items, that have been loved by local people, and seasonal food items that change on a monthly basis.


One of the confections for the month of August is (Tawaraya Yoshitomi's) "kaki kohaku" (persimmon amber). Persimmon is a traditional Japanese fruit, and has appeared in many classical stories and sayings throughout Japanese history.


"Kohaku" is a sweet jelly-like dessert that is made by melting agar and sugar and boiling them together and then molded. "Kaki kohaku" is made using a fully ripe persimmon puree, and the vivid color and beautiful transparent jelly makes it a gift that will surely be appreciated by the recipient.


We recommend eating the confections that you purchase at the Ginza Terrace, which is located on the 9th floor, or enjoying them back at your hotel room. Enjoy the autumn ingredients in sweets and bid farewell to summer and welcome autumn.

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