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Your own unique pillow for those nights where it's difficult to get to sleep.


Tokyo Nishikawa's "Made-to-order Pillows" are made to fit you perfectly.

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Come to the "Bedding/Beds" area (7F) for a pillow made just for you--quick and easy! Select the material and height, and you'll have your customized pillow in around 60 minutes.* This makes it very popular with customers from overseas. Pillows generally take 60 minutes to create. It may take longer due to congestion or other factors.


A variety of factors including the shape of your neck, the height of your head, and the width of your shoulders must be considered in order to make a pillow that fits your body perfectly. Your sleeping posture is another important point along with the size of your body. Careful adjustments are made in these areas to create a made-to-order pillow that fits you perfectly.


Tokyo Nishikawa "Made-to-order Pillows" have a two-layer structure. They are made wide to make it easier to turn over when sleeping, while the area around the shoulders has an arch shape in order to better fit the contours of your neck and shoulder. The pillow has a two-layer structure formed from an upper and lower unit, with each unit split into seven blocks (the Angel Float top unit is sheet-like). The stuffing inside the pillow can be height-adjusted at up to 14 locations. A counselor will measure the height of your neck and head to make sure your pillow is just the right height.


You can choose from one of seven materials to stuff your pillow with--from soft to hard. Choose from fluffy "Angel Float," solid "Puff," a pipe-like material that is easy to clean, or several others. All materials are carefully selected for quality.


Two of the most popular materials are buckwheat chaff and mini high-grade charcoal pipe. Used since ancient times, buckwheat chaff offers excellent heat dissipation and is ideal for use during the summer. Mini high-grade charcoal pipe combines high-grade charcoal kneaded into moderately flexible pipes, and can be washed as is.


"Tokyo Nishikawa" even considers the careful balance between the bedding and pillow--a service that only a comprehensive bedding manufacturer can provide. Tokyo Nishikawa knows "sleep," and counselors can offer you advice on how to maintain the ideal sleeping posture from their perspective as experts.


You can even try before you buy--simply select a material and height. This lets you see for yourself whether the pillow is a great match. You'll receive your custom pillow the same day you place the order. Why not do some shopping while you wait for it to be finished?

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