"The 800 Hands Japanese Beauty"


Traditional crafts, beauty appliances, wristwatches... and thermal bottles!? These exceptional products made by skilled Japanese craftspeople make for stylish souvenirs.

8F Japan Duty Free GINZA


"Japan Duty Free GINZA," located on the 8F of Ginza Mitsukoshi, is an airport-style duty free shop located right in the city that offers shopping exempt from consumption tax, tariffs, liquor tax, and cigarette tax. Your purchases can be picked up directly at the airport, allowing you to take your time and enjoy shopping without worrying about carrying anything around. "The 800 Hands Japanese Beauty" in "Japan Duty Free GINZA" offers a wide selection of traditional Japanese crafts.


"The 800 Hands Japanese Beauty" contains four zones: "Tokyo Teshigoto" (which offers items created using delicate and traditional techniques that are the pride of Tokyo), "Good Design Award -- Award Winning Products," "Traditional Craft," and "Industrial Products."


Japanese "manekineko" beckoning cat figures have been cherished in Japan as a decoration that brings good luck since antiquity. These Edo Kimekomi Ningyo dolls crafted by <Kakinuma Ningyo> are made by carving lines (one to two mm wide) in a piece of unpainted wood that will form the body of the doll, inserting glue into the grooves, then pressing clothing cloth into the glue. In addition to manekineko figures featuring traditional Japanese designs, there are also figures with more playful designs featuring heart shapes in their abdomens or Swarovski stones placed in their eye sockets.


Elegant Nanbu ironware from <IWACHU> makes for an attractive interior accessory, and is becoming popular even outside of Japan as a form of Japanese culture. <IWACHU> performs over 60 different procedures--with most of them done by hand. Carefully making tea with your favorite kyusu teapot can make teatime even more pleasant.


Japanese beauty accessories are very popular throughout the world due to their advanced technology. "RF Beaute Photo Plus" from <YA-MAN> is a facial massager that treats loose skin caused by dryness or aging, clogged pores, and a variety of other skin concerns. The mode can be switched with the single press of a button, making it very easy to use. Its battery is charged with an adapter, so it can be used anywhere as long as you have the proper outlet conversion adapter.


The wristwatch area offers a selection of <G-SHOCK> watches from the famous Japanese manufacturer <CASIO> as well as from the <Grand Seiko> series--the top <SEIKO> brand. The <G-SHOCK> series from <CASIO> is well-known for its durable structure, materials, functionality, and for the wide variety of colors available. It can be a lot of fun to select watches to meet all sorts of situations!


Watches in the <Grand Seiko> series by <SEIKO> are made completely in Japan--from parts production to assembly. They're characterized by their simple silver bands and faces made from hard-to-scratch sapphire crystal glass.


These bottles by <Tiger Corporation> (a well-known manufacturer founded in Japan in 1923) are gathering the most attention. These convenient products keep your beverages surprisingly warm, and are light and easy to carry.

A wide variety of traditional Japanese crafts you won't find in other duty free shops. Come take a look and feel the craftsmanship--you're sure to find the perfect item at "Japan Duty Free GINZA" on the 8F of Ginza Mitsukoshi!

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