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Feel the cool of Japan with all five senses!


Uchiwa, wind chimes, and other products can help to make your summer enjoyable.

7F Japan Edition

"Japan Edition" on the 7F of Mitsukoshi Ginza offers a seasonal lineup of exceptional products that can only be found in Japan. Here we introduce some products to help you stay cool during those hot Japanese summers.


You often see many people cooling themselves with uchiwa during the summer. These handheld fans create a light breeze when waved. You'll definitely want to have one on hand during those humid and hot Japanese summer days!

This decorative uchiwa features a gorgeous gold color. Displayed indoors, you can enjoy the season and feel a bit cooler just looking at it. The pattern depicts morning glories, which have long been cherished as symbols of summer in Japan.


Mizu-uchiwa, which have been used in Japan since the Meiji period, are traditional crafts made by craftspeople. Developed through Japanese knowhow, these fans are dipped in cold water and then fanned to create a cool breeze caused by vaporization heat.


Mizu-uchiwa are made from 100% natural ingredients. Handmade Japanese paper is spread over the bamboo frame. It is then covered in natural varnish to give it a transparent feeling. Just looking at it will cool you down!


You can even find some products that make sounds that will help you cool down. Wind chimes are hung from the front of a house. When blown by the wind the narrow strip of paper flutters, causing the bell to sound. If you can "feel" the wind from the sound, you can enjoy a moment of comfort away from the heat.


Wind chimes are made from a variety of materials including glass and earthenware. Of these, metallic wind chimes offer a strong sound and beautiful reverberation. Wind chimes that are rung by waving one's hands are also popular, and are often used as decorations for a comfortable and pleasant sound.


There's also a wide range of parasols still made using traditional techniques. Parasols made from Japanese materials go great with kimono or yukata.


This parasol from "Katayama Bunzaburo Shoten" glows a pale golden color and is made from silk spun by hand from natural cocoons. This exceptional product offers excellent protection from UV light and a beautiful design--all thanks to the painstaking techniques used to create it.


Geta are Japanese sandals worn in the summer. These geta from "Geta no Mizutori" take the traditional geta shape and add high heels for a slightly more modern take on the traditional footwear. The usage of color on the strap gives the geta a cute look, and they can even be worn with Western-style clothing.


You can also find men's geta that are cool and project an image of refined strength. These are perfect for feeling Japanese style for yourself as you walk down the street, your geta clip-clopping as you go.


"Sumizumi" Bamboo Charcoal is made in charcoal kilns--just as it has been since long ago. Bamboo charcoal is said to be effective in eliminating odors and purifying water, and has become an indispensable part of Japanese life.


Place it in a vase with water and flowers or plants and hang it as a decoration to create a Japanese feeling in your home--just looking at it can help you to feel a bit cooler!

Feeling cool with all five senses is a part of Japanese culture that can only be experienced in summer. Try for yourself and feel the comfortable summer breeze!

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