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Enjoy the cool look of Japanese "mizu gashi" (seasonal desserts)


Experience the refreshing taste of seasonal desserts on a hot summer day.

Main building 2nd Basement Floor

"Wagashi" is a type of dessert that long been beloved in Japan. During the summer season, "mizu gashi" is a very popular dessert, thanks to its cool and refreshing appearance and taste. Various types of "mizu gashi" can be found on the 2nd basement floor of the main building of Ginza Mitsukoshi.


(Hanazono Manjyu's) "assorted dessert box" is a popular summer item. The assortment box includes "Hanazono ryouka" fruit jelly desserts and "kuzu manjyu" (sweet bean paste balls covered with a starch glaze).


The "Hanazono ryouka" consists of four different flavored jelly desserts, including sweet summer orange, cranberry, mango, and green apple. Enjoy both the refreshing tastes and vibrant colors. The "kuzu manjyu" features a smooth texture thanks to "the kuzu (starch)" topping. Inside you will find mouthwatering bean paste that features the perfect amount of sweetness. When chilled, it is the perfect snack for a hot summer's day.


(Taneya's) "Taneya assorted kanten box (includes 4 pieces)". "Kanten" (agar) is a Japanese style jelly dish made from a seaweed called tengusa.


Kanten is served together with sweet bean paste or fruit sauce. Taneya's kanten is known for melting inside your mouth and bursting with flavor.


"Azuki" is made with azuki beans from Hokkaido, which are carefully cooked until they are smoothened by experienced craftsmen. "Natsu mikan" (summer tangerine) features real pulp and has a sour and refreshing taste.


(Tsuruya Yoshinobu's) "Ryou-ryou (includes 7 pieces)" comes in a special packaging that was designed based on the image of a pinwheel.


Inside, you will find five different types of cute sweets: the plum flavored "Ume maro", the bean paste and powdered green tea flavored "Uji hime", a dainty custard pudding "Purin", the smooth and refreshing "Mizu youkan" (soft sweet bean jelly), and the sweet and rich flavored "Caramel".


(Ryoguchiya Korekiyo's) "Sasaragata (includes 5 pieces). In addition to being delicious, this item is popular for the petite size of the sweets and its cute packaging. The set includes white peach, lemon, watermelon, which are only available during the summer season, and "Dainagon" and "Shiro shozu" (azuki bean and white bean paste), which are available year-round.


"Sasaragata" is a jelly-like dessert that is made by boiling and melting agar with sugar or starch syrup and pouring it into a mold before it is cooled and hardened. With its stunning transparent appearance, it may feel like a waste to eat it. Each piece is extremely refreshing and smooth. Enjoy the taste of traditional Japanese summer with these bite-sized treats.


When summer holidays approach in Japan, there is a custom of bringing a gift when visiting a friend or returning back to one's family. Anyone would be happy if you brought them an assortment of "wagashi" treats, which are perfect for the summer season.

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