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UCHINO pajamas help you to sleep in comfort.


These pajamas are made with "Marshmallow Gauze®," a new material developed by UCHINO to provide superior absorbency, breathability, and thermal properties - in order to help you sleep comfortably.

7F "Relaxing Wear"


It is important to get good quality sleep each night and rest your body so that you don't become stressed and fatigued by the busy daily life. Fluffy, soft, and light to the touch, "Marshmallow Gauze® Pajamas" from UCHINO will help you to get the comfortable sleep you need.


Famous even outside Japan as a well-known Japanese towel brand, over 440 stores outside Japan carry UCHINO products. In its continuing efforts to manufacture high quality towels with a pleasant texture, the company now offers "Marshmallow Gauze® Pajamas" as a sort of wearable version of its famous towel and gauze products.


"Marshmallow Gauze®" is a patented material manufactured using special UCHINO technology that creates a three-ply weave from two threads with different characteristics. The result is a material that combines the superior moisture and water absorbency of a towel with excellent breathability, allowing it to absorb sweat, wick moisture, and keep the wearing feeling comfortable.


The material also retains just the right amount of warmth to prevent night chills. It's cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. This innovative material can be comfortably worn throughout the year.


Marshmallow Gauze® won Gold during the 2015 "OMOTENASHI Selection" awards. The award is given to fascinating Japanese products born of a sense of hospitality (Omotenashi in Japanese). The comfort provided when wearing and sleeping in this material is backed by the wearing experiment data conducted jointly between UCHINO and the Shinshu University Faculty of Textile Science and Technology.


All test subjects responded that they slept well and felt refreshed when waking up, while 70% responded that wearing the material helped them to fall asleep and that they were convinced of the comfortable feel of the material when sleeping.


In addition to year-round designs, UCHINO also offers seasonal products. As the hot summer season approaches, Crepe Gauze® wear will surely help to get through those hot days and nights. It offers superior breathability and a feeling of easy comfort.


The product is offered in many variations, such as dresses and tunics. The natural colors project a gentle feel, making them perfect as comfortable clothes to wear around the house.


There are three colors you can only find at Ginza Mitsukoshi, and each color have four styles ("Dolman Dress," "Cardigan Tunic," "Pullover & Wide Pants," and "Pullover & Tuck Pants").


Although UCHINO is carried by stores outside Japan, a wider selection of Marshmallow Gauze® Pajamas and similar clothings can be found in Japanese stores. Ginza Mitsukoshi is staffed at all times by attendants who can speak a variety of languages other than Japanese, so there is no need to worry about language barriers getting in the way of your shopping!

"Marshmallow Gauze® Wear" from UCHINO, the famous Japanese towel brand. Try sleeping tonight wrapped in light and soft Marshmallow Gauze® - we know you'll love it!

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