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Expert chefs bring out the true flavor of the ingredients.


"Tempura Hisago" serves delicious golden-colored tempura fried in carefully selected sesame oil.

Ginza Mitsukoshi 12F Restaurant Floor


Tempura is prepared by battering and then frying seasonal ingredients in high-temperature oil. It is one Japanese dish that is well known even outside of Japan. As one of the "three flavors of Edo cuisine," it - along with sushi and soba - has been a popular dish in Japan since long ago.


"Tempura Hisago," located on the 12F of Ginza Mitsukoshi, is a tempura restaurant that carries on the flavor and tradition of "Hisago Honten," a well-known restaurant founded in 1918. "Hisago" means "gourd (hyotan)" in Japanese.


The restaurant provides a calm atmosphere for customers to enjoy their meals in, as well as a wonderful view of Ginza.


Guests sitting at the counter can enjoy the pleasant sound of oil frying as they watch the chefs expertly preparing tempura.


Don't worry about your order getting lost in translation. English menus are also available.


Fresh ingredients are covered in batter and then quickly fried. Tempura is quite simple to prepare, but for this very reason the quality of the oil has a significant impact on its flavor. "Tempura Hisago" uses a carefully selected, special sesame oil for crisp and fragrant tempura.


The "Tempura Gozen" dish includes both a tempura combination plate and rice bowl. Diners are encouraged to enjoy shrimp, Japanese whiting, and seasonal vegetables tempura with a splash of lemon juice, salt, or whatever seasoning they prefer. Customers may select from one of two rice bowls: a small bowl of rice topped with tempura, or rice mixed with bits of seasoned tempura. A small bowl of rice topped with fluffy shrimp and Japanese parsley tempura is just the dish to end your meal with.


"Hisago Tendon" is a popular dish consisting of rice topped with plenty of shrimp, seafood, vegetable, and mixed tempura (kakiage). The crunchy coating and sauce (a perfect blend of sweet and sour) go together perfectly with the rice.


"Oebidon" features a dynamic arrangement of large shrimp on rice. Taking a bite, the full flavor of the shrimp bursts in your mouth.


For special occasions, "Tempura Hisago" also offers a selection of wine that goes particularly well with tempura.


You may have tried tempura outside of Japan. However, Japanese tempura prepared by expert chefs from carefully selected ingredients and oil offers a completely different texture and flavor. "Tempura Hisago" offers diners the opportunity to experience the true flavor of Japanese tempura. The manager will make sure of it!

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