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Rolled, pressed, and vinegared! Experience a wide variety of sushi dishes at Ginza Mitsukoshi.

B2F Japanese side dishes


Sushi is a cuisine that you must experience when you visit Japan. Sushi is a representative of Japanese food, and is beloved by people throughout the world. Most people know sushi as various types of fish placed on top of single bite sized rice seasoned with vinegar. However on the B2F Japanese side dishes of Ginza Mitsukoshi, you can find a wide range of shapes and ingredients.


"Maki sushi" is rolled sushi that consists of rice and ingredients placed and rolled between pieces of seaweed. It is a popular dish to eat at home or pack in your lunchbox.


"Uzu-shio Maki", a popular dish at "Koichian" is a dynamic style of "Maki Sushi" with a diameter of 8 cm. Ingredients such as shrimp, crab, squid, cucumber, egg, dried gourd shavings, and macrophylla are abundantly stuffed into a selected piece of seaweed produced in the Ariake Sea.


"Oshi Sushi", rice seasoned with vinegar and various ingredients in square shapes stuffed into a square shaped box, was originally made as preserved food, and is known for the flavor of vinegar infiltrates into the ingredients. The colorful "Naniwa Sushi" is a lunch set that consists of ten different types of "Oshi Sushi" set out neatly in a grid. It can be eaten with a single bite and is an extremely popular selection.


In Japan, seafood placed on top of rice is generally referred to as "sushi", so there are different variations that may seem unique to people from around the world. Enjoy the flavorful taste of "Shiretoko Sushi", made with selected seafood such as salmon, crab, and salmon roe which are typical in Hokkaido area. The sushi of "Shiretoko Sushi" consists of such types of seafood and rice nicely cooked and prepared with high-grade water and vinegar.


Enjoy the perfect combination of fatty premium salmon and rich salmon roe with the vinegar-seasoned rice with the "half size frozen salmon (Ruibe in Japanese) and crab" and "half size salmon roe". These mini-size dishes are easy to take out and try a bit.


This "Tokusen Bara Chirashi" is a different type of sushi that many small pieces of seafoods are beautifully scattered on a bed of vinegared rice. This type is called "Chirashi Sushi", which is one of the popular dishes at celebratory occasions for its colorful appearance.


As above, you can find a wide selection of take-out sushi and other dishes at the B2F Japanese side dishes of Ginza Mitsukoshi. Also, you can find a small eat-in sushi restaurant. With six counter seats behind the navy shop curtain (noren), you can sit and enjoy watching skilled sushi craftsmen make fresh sushi in front of you. "Tsukiji Sushi Iwa" is a traditional sushi restaurant that was established in Tsukiji in 1921. They offer you traditional sushi using fresh seafood delivered straight from Tsukiji Market.


At the eat-in section you can casually enjoy fresh sushi. "Tsukiji Sushi Iwa" also offers take-out, but you are asked to eat it within two hours of ordering to ensure maximum freshness.


Menus are also available in English and Korean.


Three sushi sets, "Matsu (pine tree)", "Take (bamboo)", and "Ume (Japanese apricot)" are available. In Japan, "Matsu", "Take", and "Ume" are names that bring good luck. They are ranked in order of grades, with "Matsu" being the highest quality, followed by "Take" and "Ume". At "Tsukiji Sushi Iwa", the "Matsu" set consists of fatty tuna (toro), tuna (akami), some type of white fish, sweet shrimp, scallop, salmon roe, conger eel, egg, and tekka-maki (seaweed rolled with tuna).


The proper way to eat sushi is to turn the rice upside down to prevent it from breaking up, and dipping a small amount of soy sauce (shoyu) onto the sushi topping. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the sushi craftsmen.

You can experience not only standard nigiri-sushi, but also a selection of unique types of sushi at the B2F Japanese side dishes at Ginza Mitsukoshi.

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