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Beautiful gold flakes and seasonal flavors.


Searching for your favorite Japanese sake, made with high quality rice and water.

La Cave, located on the third floor of the basement level. 


Japanese sake made with carefully selected water and rice is the national liquor of Japan. The flavor of sake varies between sweet and dry depending on the type of rice and water, sake's main ingredients, and the manufacturing process used.


At "La Cave", located on the third floor of the basement level of Ginza Mitsukoshi, carries a wide range of Japanese sake brands. The best way to enjoy shopping for Japanese sake is not to look for a particular brand, but to find the one that suits your specific taste. English-speaking staff members are on hand at the store, so you can take your time and taste different types of sake to find the one that you like.

Here you can find rare types of Japanese sake that you cannot find in other stores. Hakuryu Syuzou's "Hakuryu" is made with carefully selected water, and offers a smooth and refreshing taste. Its smooth taste makes it the perfect Japanese sake for beginners. Also, the bottle features an image of the dragon flying up to the heavens, and it is said to bring good luck.


There are many different types among the "Hakuryu" brand, but the most popular is the "Daiginjo Sasayamozaemon". "Daiginjo" is a type of Japanese sake that is brewed with highly polished rice with a low temperature. Enjoy the fruity aroma and smooth aftertaste. 20160406_nihonsyu_005_r.jpg
Available in 180 ml and 300 ml size bottles, the former being the perfect size for gifts. Bring them along with you during your trip and enjoy drinking them in your hotel room. The taste becomes even smoother when cooled, and is highly recommended.

You can also enjoy the luxurious "Hakuryu Honjyozo Junkinshu", which contains gold flakes. This bottle is perfect for special occasions or gifts.


Made with rice and water from Niigata Prefecture, the flavor is drier compared to the "Daiginjo", and the refreshing taste perfectly compliments a meal. The tastes vary based on where they were brewed, which is another way to enjoy different types of Japanese sake.20160406_nihonsyu_008_r.jpg
There are also different types of seasonal Japanese sake, such as "kizake" (pure undiluted sake) and hiya oroshi (autumn seasonal sake). "Hakuryu Junmai Ginjoshu Hanami Shiboritate" is a spring seasonal sake offers a fresh and refreshing fragrance. Regular Japanese sake undergoes a heating process called "hiire", to reduce the growth of bacteria, but this process is not used for "kizake", to provide a unique and fresh aroma.

The Japanese sake is made with clear water and rice grown in enriched environments. Each region has a different history, which adds to the enjoyment of tasting different regional Japanese sake. Enjoy the different tastes and aromas and discover the one that suits your individual taste.

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