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Find all types of seasonal fruits at "Ginza Fruits".


The fruits are manufactured with the latest cultivation techniques. Enjoy eating and viewing at the beautiful fruits at this marché.

Third basement level "Ginza Fruits"


Enjoy the "Made in Japan" fruits, cultivated with advanced Japanese techniques and meticulous attention to detail. Ginza Fruits, located at the third basement level, is designed like a flower marché, and offers the latest fruits available by season.


Ginza Fruits celebrated their renewal opening on March 30, 2016. Visit the shop to experience some of Japan's finest fruits.


Enjoy tasting some of the fruits at the "Cut Fruit Deli" corner. Here you can purchase any pre-cut fruits of the season as much as you want to eat by volume. For example in April, cut citrus fruits will be offered to customers.


The "Kiyomi orange and dekopon tangerine citrus mint" features thick and sweet pulp, jelly made with fruit juice, and a refreshing mint flavor. "Kiyomi" is a crossbreed between Unshu Mikan and Trovita orange, while "dekopon" is a crossbreed between Kiyomi and ponkan, and both are extremely unique citrus fruits that can only be found in Japan. An interesting feature of Japanese fruits is the wide range of breeds.


You can also find multiple pre-cut fruits together in elegant packaging. Any fruit that you purchase can be eaten at the "Ginza Terrace" located on the 9th floor. You can also try out small portions of various fruits at the "Cut Fruit Deli" and enjoy different flavors.


This type of "casual gift" fruit set is recommended for Japanese-style home parties. Here you can select your favorite fruits and have them arranged beautifully.


Placing as much attention to their external appearance as their taste, Japanese fruits make a great gift for friends and family.


In the back of the store, you can find a room where fruits are decorated as if they are artworks in a museum. Here at the "Fruit Cellar", you can find the highest grade fruits made with the most advanced cultivating techniques.


Each individual fruit sparkles like jewelry. They make for the perfect item to enjoy while relaxing in a hotel room.


In addition to fresh fruits, you can also find the "Kaka" jelly with whole pieces of fruit inside them, dry fruits, compote, and other items.


Find everything from pre-cut fruits that you can taste on-site to the highest-grade fruits made with Japanese manufacturing techniques. Enjoy the full experience of the allure of "Made in Japan" fruits at Ginza Fruits.

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