Carry around the Japanese colors with handkerchiefs.


Handkerchiefs from "Art Handkerchief Galerie" have beautiful designs, and can even be worn as scarves. Wrapped in unique origami-like wrapping, they make perfect souvenirs!

1F Fashion Items, "Art Handkerchief Galerie"


If you enter Ginza Mitsukoshi from the lion statue entrance along Chuo-dori Street, you'll see a textile display full of beautiful colors on your left. "Art Handkerchief Galerie" features the items selected from Mitsukoshi Isetan's own brand called <Number Twenty-One>. A variety of handkerchiefs created by Japanese textile designers with a Japanese sensibility are on display.


Some of these vivid and beautiful colors handkerchiefs are slightly larger and can be used as fashion accessories worn around the neck like a scarf.


"Art Handkerchief Galerie" offers the designs that express the four seasons in Japan. Seasonal flowers and events are expressed like paintings on each handkerchief.


This one, entitled "Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing)," shows full bloom of cherry blossoms-a springtime tradition in Japan. The warm colors and watercolor-like design express the elegance of cherry blossoms in bloom.


Moving from spring to early summer, this handkerchief-entitled "Rainy Season" - is designed to resemble hydrangea(ajisai in Japanese), which are reminiscent of June rainy period in Japan. Hydrangea is a flower originating in Japan that blooms during the rainy season. The small flowers are drawn together in ball-like shapes on this handkerchief.


There are plenty of other designs, including "Tanabata" (traditional Star Festival that is held on July 7 in which festival-goers write their wishes on small strips of paper tied to bamboo grass) and "Summer Vacation." The handkerchiefs can be worn around the neck like a scarf--a fun way to incorporate a sense of the season into your fashion.


Handkerchiefs from <Chiso>, a well-established shop that uses traditional kimono Kyo-Yuzen dyeing techniques, look just like kimono material. Drawn in elegant colors, these large-flowered tree peonies appear to bloom dynamically and proudly. Purple is held in particularly high esteem in Japan as a color that expresses refinement and style, as it has been a symbol of high status since ancient times.


The unique Japanese designs--four seasons, kimono, and more--of these handkerchiefs make them perfect as souvenirs. Products are presented in unique wrapping that is a joy to look at. Members of our staff are happy to fold a single handkerchief like origami into various shapes such as a kimono.


They can also wrap several handkerchiefs together. They will fold each of your handkerchiefs quickly and carefully.


Members of our staff carefully consider how best to fold each combination of handkerchiefs, so that colors overlap beautifully and designs or brand tags are shown on the front.


Before you know it, five handkerchiefs have been wrapped together to resemble a painting in a frame. Our wrapping service, carried out by stylists who work through trial and error each day to learn a variety of folding techniques, can provide you the perfect way to make the beauty of these handkerchiefs really stand out.


Whether worn around the neck as a scarf, tied stylishly to a bag, or worn on the lap, we know you'll love the adorable handkerchiefs available at "Art Handkerchief Galerie." Stop by and enjoy the Japanese textile designs and origami-like wrapping.

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