We provide total support for your important wedding!


Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life, so it's to be expected that you would want to overindulge! Our "Bridal Salon" and "Bridal Jewelry Concierge" provide total support for your ceremony in Japan, from kimonos to rings.


A woman's wedding ceremony is the most beautiful and happy moment in her life. A pure white wedding dress is wonderful, but a kimono wedding in Japan offers an exceptionally different kind of beauty. This "irouchikake" kimono is designed from auspicious red and gold materials luxuriously inlayed with gorgeous patterns, to bring out the true beauty of the bride.


These patterns are not only beautiful, but also signify tidings of good fortune. The gorgeous tree peony--called the king of all flowers--blossoms into a beautiful wheel shape, and has come to represent happiness and prosperity.


The crane flying with white wings spread wide represents both longevity and a lasting marriage, making it perfect as a symbol for the wedding ceremony. There are many other patterns to choose from, allowing you to select the ideal design to express your feelings during your gorgeous wedding.


We also offer limited time plans allowing you to simply experience the atmosphere of a kimono wedding.

• Wedding kimono fitting experience

  Grooms: Traditional hakama with crest 10,800 yen (tax included)

  Brides: Irouchikake wedding kimono 14,040 yen (tax included)

Wednesday March 23 to Tuesday April 5, 2016

10:30 to 19:00 (last call)

* Men will be fitted with a traditional hakama with crest.

* Service may not be available on public holidays and days off.

* Fitting will take around 20 minutes.

* Our staff are happy to take your photo within the Bridal Salon and in front of the 7th floor escalator.


The "Bridal Salon" located on the 7th floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi offers more than just wedding attire. It provides total support for your wedding in Japan, from ceremony halls to bridal beauty salons and accessories.


In addition to Japanese-style attire, the Salon offers consultation on western-style bridal products--such as the Ginza Mitsukoshi original "Muse Collection."


"Confetti BRIDE" is a regular shop that maintains normal business hours. These hand-crafted feminine accessories use high-quality glass pearls, and are so beautiful you will become entranced just looking at them.


The "Bridal Jewelry Concierge" on the 1st floor provides consultation on the ultimate symbol of your love--your wedding rings. Our concierges boast a wealth of product knowledge. They will prepare the jewelry you are seeking from all of the brands offered in Ginza Mitsukoshi, so that you can take your time comparing and purchasing products in our reception office.


English, Chinese, and Korean interpreters are available to make sure your plans go off without a hitch. Please note however that interpretors must be scheduled in advance. Your important day demands only the best. We welcome you to experience the product selection (from first class brands from overseas to Japanese-made jewelry) that only an established department store like Mitsukoshi Ginza can provide and the hospitality offered by our knowledgeable concierges.

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