Use "Japan Duty Free Ginza" and say goodbye to the worry about time or baggage!


Buy it in Ginza, pick it up at the airport. Shop without worrying about time or baggage "Japan Duty Free GINZA".


One of the joys of travel is buying brand-name goods comparatively cheaply at the duty-free shops inside the airport. But, it's tough having to lug around large bags as you hurry about unsettled, worrying about your flight time. The "Japan Duty Free GINZA", which opened on January 27th on the 8th floor of the Mitsukoshi department store in Ginza, is an in-town airport-style duty-free store, where you can shop to your heart's content without having to worry about time or bags.


This in-town airport-style duty-free store, as opposed to a typical sales-tax-free store, is exempt from import taxes, alcohol tax, and tobacco tax in addition to sales tax. So you can buy goods for comparatively low prices. Also, you pick up the goods you purchased at the airport after you pass through immigration -- saving you the hassle of lugging around large bags.


When you arrive at the "Japan Duty Free GINZA" store, first visit the reception counter. You can find it by looking for the panels displaying information on flights. After showing your passport and plane ticket, you'll be issued a "shopping folder" which you'll need at checkout.


After that you are free to shop. The entire floor employs the Japanese aesthetic of "coexistence with nature" as a design concept, and imparts a feeling of warmth while maintaining a refined neo-futuristic atmosphere.


Don't miss "The 800 Japanese Beauty", located near the reception counter. The number "800" has long been used in Japan to mean "many", and "The 800 Hands" signifies "the hands of many craftsman". It showcases a variety of manufactured goods, from traditional handcrafts to cameras, in which "Japanese craftsmanship" is alive.


With a selection of items that are alive with subtle and exacting Japanese craftsmanship, "The 800 Japanese Beauty" is an area emblematic of the character of the mature high-quality Ginza district.


In this space, with pillars that trace curves toward the ceiling and line up like trees to give the impression of a forest, popular cosmetics brands such as Shiseido, Albion and SK-II are on display. And the boutiques of high-end brands are lined up in glass-sided cube-shaped booths that give the impression of a village.


Climb the stairs, designed to give the impression of a hill, and you'll arrive at an "interactive zone" suggestive of a marketplace. Try taking one of the boarding passes from the top of the cylindrical table in the center, and placing it on one of the other surrounding tables. You'll get to enjoy content concerning the nature and culture of Japan, the concept behind Japan Duty Free Ginza, instructions on use, recommended products, etc., through cutting-edge digital art.


At the checkout you will be given an exchange ticket that you can take to the "in-town duty-free exchange counter" at Narita or Haneda airports to exchange for your goods after you complete embarkation procedures. * Please be sure to pick up your goods at least one hour before departure, and be aware of the carry-on luggage restrictions of each airline.


Japan Duty Free GINZA allows you to leisurely enjoy Duty Free Shopping without having to worry about baggage. It is a completely new type of duty-free store full of the pride and playfulness of Japan, and characteristic of the Ginza district, with its congregation of high-quality shops.

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