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The world's only vacuum layer titanium cup by Japanese technology!


The world's only vacuum layer titanium cup. Featuring world-class Japanese technology.


"Re-mix STYLE," located on the 7F of Ginza Mitsukoshi, offers a choice selection of tableware and kitchenware. These colorful tumblers are part of the "SUSgallery" brand established by Tsubame city in Niigata prefecture. Tsubame has developed as a metalworking town since around 1600 AD, and its technologies attract attention from all over the world.


"SUS" in the brand name has two meanings: it is an abbreviation for "stainless used steel" (what the brand is created from) and stands for "sustainability" (the brand concept). The brand provides a design rooted in modern life as well as a new form of expression formed in metal through advanced artisan skill. Every step of the production process occurs within Japan.


The "SUSgallery" vacuum titanium cup series combines both tradition and the latest technologies. Featuring Japanese technology and aesthetics, these cups were chosen as gifts for the heads of state who attended APEC2010 in Japan.


Advanced processing technologies are used to create "SUSgallery" vacuum titanium cups, which are formed from two thin titanium plates. They offer excellent heat and cold retention.


The thin lip provides beverages with a superior, smooth taste. Titanium does not alter the flavor of beverages that are placed within it, providing a much clearer taste.


Vacuum titanium bottle keepers are also available. They are large enough to fit a champagne bottle, but also suitable for wine coolers.


Typical tableware has trouble keeping ice cream from melting. Not so with these stainless-steel two-layer cups, which keep ice cream tastier for longer. This "blueberry" variation features a mellow purple shade--and is only available at Ginza Mitsukoshi.


These spoons were designed especially for enjoying ice cream, and offer a pleasantly smooth sensation when eating.


"SUSgallery" cups are crafted with a focus on design and functionality, so that you can enjoy the true taste of your beverages. "SUSgallery" tableware is designed to provide a little bit of luxury to make your meals wonderful. They are perfect as a reward for yourself or as a present for someone special.

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