Salon de Kimono makes Japanese clothing more comfortable!


Making Japanese clothing more comfortable for daily use. Salon de Kimono offers a full lineup of products designed with a Japanese aesthetics in mind.

7F: Salon de Kimono


Kimono are traditional Japanese clothing that have been in existence for over 1,000 years. There are some who, even if they are enamored with the beauty of kimono, feel that wearing one is out of the question due to how difficult they are to wear. Salon de Kimono, located on the 7F of Ginza Mitsukoshi, offers a lineup of fashions that combine the beauty of kimono with modern sensibility.


This shawl combines a traditional pattern with modern sensibility. Just wearing it provides your outfit with an instant boost of color. It is sewn in an elliptical shape that gently follows the line of the body.


Products are made by Chiso, a well-known Kyoyuzen dyer founded in 1555. Kyoyuzen is a traditional kimono dyeing method originating in Kyoto. Chiso kimono have won several awards at exhibitions all over the world thanks to the high level of technique and artistry that go into creating them.


This shawl is patterned with a phoenix, the legendary bird that was said to bring good fortune. It is customary to use designs that feature images of animals thought to be auspicious omens, such as turtles and cranes. Its high quality silk material is elegant and semitransparent, so that it appears as though it is blending in with the clothing underneath. This effect is made possible due artisans' skills that have been passed down for many years.


Products also features a variety of flower patterns that are symbolic of Japan, such as the chrysanthemum. The brilliant hues created shade by shade by traditional artisans will truly bring out the beauty in your everyday fashions.


We recommend yukata for those who want to simply enjoy Japanese traditional clothing. As opposed to kimono which were traditionally worn as ordinary clothing, yukata were worn only after taking a bath or during summer. They are therefore created from materials that breathe well such as cotton or hemp, and instead of being worn in layers like kimono, are simply worn over hadajuban (a Japanese-style undergarment).


Generally it is necessary to learn how to tie complicated belts when wearing yukata. However, SARACA VOYAGE yukata are extremely simple to wear. Simply wear it like a bathrobe, then wrap it around your body so that the left side overlaps the right side in the front. Finally, tie the belt around your waist however you like.


Kimono and yukata are both worn so that the left side overlaps the right side in the front. This is true for both men and women. Be careful: only the deceased wear kimono or yukata with the right side in the front, and doing so is said to be inauspicious. This is because Japanese thought holds that the afterlife is the polar opposite of our world.


SARACA VOYAGE yukata are very light and comfortable. They are comfortable enough to wear daily as a bathrobe or pajamas, but they are also fashionable and feature a brilliant Japanese aesthetic.


Maybe you'd like to enjoy Japanese fashion with even less fuss? Or just improve your everyday fashion? Salon de Kimono offers a full lineup of carefully selected, high quality products to make your wish come true.

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