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Enjoy a delicious dinner with beautiful illumination displays!


Enjoy a delicious dinner along with beautiful illumination displays. Ginza Mitsukoshi offers plenty of charm--even at night.


Illumination season is finally here! No one can help but feel thrilled at seeing beautiful illumination displays. The streets of Ginza are also bathed in vivid light.


You can even enjoy illumination displays near the Ginza Mitsukoshi Harumidori entrance. Our theme this year is "Life is a Gift." The trees--decorated with ornaments of various sizes--surround a town of tiny houses. We invite you to enjoy the scenery of a small town full of light and life.


Visit the 9th floor terrace garden to enjoy an illumination display created as a joint project with students at Tamagawa University.


This display was given the title, "Light Flower Garden of Kindness." The bright LEDs and warm incandescent lights perfectly reproduce a flower garden-like space. (Until January 11.)


Feel free to enjoy the illumination display on the terrace garden from right next door at Minoru Diner.


Minoru Diner is a wholly-owned outlet of the JA National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations, ZEN-NOH. ZEN-NOH is an organization that sells agricultural and livestock products and provides livelihood materials. Diners can enjoy a wide variety of Japanese and western meals created from seasonal ingredients from all over Japan.


Our recommended meal is bagna cauda, which is made from seasonal fresh vegetables. We strongly recommend Minoru Diner's original dip, although these fresh and crisp vegetables are delicious enough on their own.


Minoru Diner also offers side dishes that take advantage of the simple deliciousness of vegetables. We had the persimmon salad, mustard spinach boiled in bonito-flavored soy sauce, and chilled eggplant. The menu changes daily. Food is refreshingly seasoned, and can be enjoyed as a simple palate-cleansing dish.


In addition to vegetable-based meals, Minoru Diner also serves a variety of meat, seafood, rice, and noodle dishes. One popular item is the "Minoru minced meat cutlet." This filling dish is full of domestically-produced minced meat and plenty of onions.


Minoru Diner works with producers from Nishi Tokyo in the Tokyo Metropolitan area to provide help in cultivating and harvesting fields. Their "Tokyo Vegetable Tempura with Raw Ham" dish uses vegetables delivered straight from these fields. The salty taste of the raw ham compliments the crisply fried vegetables produced in Tokyo, for a simple but delicious dish.


The night view at Ginza and a delicious meal... Ginza Mitsukoshi offers plenty of charm--even at night. We are waiting for your visit!

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