You can find attendant who can speak your language!


Experience heartfelt Japanese hospitality from a customer attendant who speaks your native language


At the Foreign Customer Service Counter, we are offering new services and facilities including overseas delivery services, SIM card sales, a resting area, and customer attendants who can speak your native language.


Highly profession customer attendants dressed in eye-catching, vivid-red uniforms wait to greet you at the entrance-area information counter.


Our attendants can assist you in Chinese, English or Korean: they answer customer questions, show visitors to specific sales areas, and even accompany and provide interpretation for shoppers.


We also offer telephone interpretation services, and if necessary staff are dispatched directly to the customer's current sales area and accompany them all the way until they reach the tax-free counter. These staff provides comprehensive shopping support to ensure full customer satisfaction.


A Chinese-speaking customer attendant, spent three years studying the language in Shanghai. Her time studying abroad in China provided her with many opportunities to enjoy speaking with locals, reminding her of just how fun connecting with others can be. She has been exposed to Chinese culture on numerous occasions since her childhood, and she chose to become a customer attendant in order to play an active role in our increasingly global society.


Because trends in the current popularity of certain products, customer needs and other such factors vary by country, sharing of information between attendants is an important part of the job. In addition to cultivating foreign-language skills, attendants must keep tabs on the latest information and trends and try to deduce what shoppers are thinking. It is important for these staff to imagine what the customer, who is in a foreign land, is really thinking about and what they want when they come over with a question. Each attendant must always remained focused on thinking from the customer's viewpoint and responding appropriately.


Customer praise such as "your interpretation services really helped me out" and "I'm so glad we met" gives our customer attendants a profound sense of accomplishment and happiness. Some customers even ask to shake our attendants' hands! We hope you will visit the Customer Attendant Counter and experience for yourself the deep-reaching, heartfelt hospitality of the Japanese people.

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