Visit Ginza Terrace, a rest space located 31 meters (102 feet) above ground level where you can relax and even meet our jizo guardian deity



The 9th floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi is home to Ginza Terrace, a free rest space built for the relaxation and comfort of all visitors. This leisure space is situated 31 meters (102 feet) above ground level: Its west side features the "Terrace Garden," a jizo guardian deity statue known as the Ginza Shusse Jizo-son, and Mimeguri Shrine. The east side has an event space, a resting room for parents and children, a nursing room, a diaper-changing area and even a daycare center, making it possible families with small children can enjoy their time in comfort.


Ginza Terrace visitors can purchases sandwiches and more at Minori Cafe, which is located on the same floor, and take their food outside for an impromptu picnic.


At Minori Cafe, customers can enjoy seasonal, Japan-grown fruit and vegetables anytime. The rice, meat, vegetables, fruit and other ingredients used in this cafe are all produced in Japan.


Japan-grown vegetable soups, unique bagels sandwiches using rice-flour bagels, and other such snacks are available, as are various sweets including vegetable gelato and cake. Pop in for a treat made using all-Japanese ingredients to enjoy along with the refreshing breezes of Ginza Terrace.


The jizo guardian deity Ginza Shusse Jizo-son is enshrined on one side of Ginza Terrace, represented by its large, eye-catching statue (bunshin-zo). Religious belief in jizo has roots in ancient Japanese culture, and it is believed that this Ginza Shusse Jizo-son was initially enshrined here from 1870 to 1902. It was moved to a roadside location in Ginza 4-chome until partway through the postwar period, and later relocated to the Ginza Mitsukoshi rooftop following a complete renovation of the store. Because the statue was moved from its ground-level, roadside location to the roof of a large department store, it is said to have "moved up in the world" (shusse in Japanese), which is believed to be the origin of its name Shusse Jizo-son.


Next to the bunshin-zo statue representing the jizo guardian deity stands a small structure where the actual jizo is enshrined, and to the right of that is Mimeguri Shrine. This Shinto shrine houses the guardian deity of the Mitsui Family, the founders of the department store that would become Mitsukoshi; Mimeguri Shrine is believed to be an auspicious shrine whose deity grants any wish, which is why many people come here to pray.


The Terrace Garden includes an open lawn space and various trees and plants, its seasonal vegetation expressing the changes of Japan's four seasons. It also incorporates renewable energy measures including the installation of solar panels to generate a portion of the electricity used by the facility.


Visitors to this terrace area can enjoy a meal amidst natural scenery as well as pleasant conversation and a peaceful, quiet atmosphere. Kick back and take some time to relax here at Ginza Terrace, a place where you can experience Japan's nature and history.

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