New stoles depicting Kabuki Theatre!


New stoles at Ginza Mitsukoshi depicting Tokyo's Kabuki Theatre, where traditional kabuki drama is performed

These stoles, whose designs feature the Kabuki Theatre located in Ginza, Tokyo, are being sold for a limited time at Ginza Mitsukoshi.


The stoles were released under the marumasu brand which belongs to Marumasu Senshoku, a company Headquartered in Shibamata, Katsushika Ward (part of Tokyo's traditional shitamachi area) and old dyeing workshop founded in 1901. These products were made possible through a collaboration between three long-established organizations including Marumasu Senshoku; Shochiku Co., Ltd., a company that creates and produces kabuki plays; and Ginza Mitsukoshi, a department store founded more than 100 years ago. Stoles are available in two designs and six total variations, each depicting Tokyo's Kabuki Theatre.


A design available in three colors based on a photograph of the original Kabuki Theatre. These stoles are reversible.


A design available in three colors based on blueprints of the fifth and current incarnation of the Theatre.


This long-established dyer's shop uses sophisticated dyeing techniques to achieve gorgeous, vivid hues reminiscent of the kabuki stage itself.


Stoles are made using carefully selected materials from production regions in Japan to achieve a gentle feel on the skin and a comfortable fit around the neck.


The vivid color designs of these limited-time, Ginza Mitsukoshi stoles will brighten up any outfit.


The Kabuki Theatre pictured on these products is located near Ginza Mitsukoshi. First opened in 1889, the Theatre boasts a long and distinguished history. It has been rebuilt numerous times over the years, and its fifth and latest incarnation was completed in 2013. The Theatre continues to evolve, preserving the techniques and traditions of old while simultaneously incorporating a wide range of new technologies.


Kabuki is one of the more famous forms of traditional Japanese theatre drama. Reaching its zenith and completing its evolution into a popular form of theatre during the Edo Period (1600-1868), kabuki has more than 400 years of history. The bright colors of the costumes, set decoration and other elements of kabuki theatre are enough to impress many viewers, and the rich variety of colored lines applied to the face and body using kumadori makeup techniques are unique to the genre. Kabuki plays incorporate theatrical performance, dance and music for an all-encompassing art form that remains alive and well in Japan today.


These stoles are carefully crafted works that exude an aura of history, achieved through collaboration with an old dyer's company. We recommend them highly as gifts or souvenirs from the Ginza district, where the Kabuki Theatre is located, and we urge you to visit our store and experience for yourself the culture and traditional techniques embodied in these outstanding fashion items.

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