Experience Ginza Mitsukoshi with all five senses. "this is Japan."


Ginza Mitsukoshi is celebrating its 85th anniversary in 2015, and to mark the occasion we are remodeling the store. The following is an introduction to the newly updated Ginza Mitsukoshi, a global department store in close sync with seasonal trends and changes.


At the newly installed Foreign Customer Service Counter on the B1 floor, we have tax-free shopping services, staff who can accompany and assist customers as they shop, sightseeing information for tourists from abroad, and a range of other services catering to each and every customer need.


Our new Delivery Services Counter located in the corridor adjacent to the elevators can be used to request deliveries of purchased products to one's hotel, an overseas location or the airport. The overseas delivery service has proven to be particularly popular, as it enables visitors to continue their day's sightseeing without lugging purchased items around with them.


he store is also equipped with a Temporary Baggage Holding Counter and Home Delivery Services Counter.


In the B1-floor cosmetics section, we have added a new sales area that brings together Japanese brands such as CHICCA, THREE and SUQQU, as well as brands that utilize Japanese technologies. Among all the stores in Ginza, we offer the largest number of brands in one place.


The 1st-floor east-side jewelry section hosts numerous well-known brands including TIFFANY & Co., BVLGARI and more. A new addition to this section is TASAKI, a brand offering the beauty of Japan's pearls.


The 1st-floor east-side accessories section is home to various brand-name products including bridal jewelry. A Jewelry Concierge Counter is also available.


PANERAI, ROGER DUBUIS and HUBLOT shops have been newly opened in the M2-floor wristwatch section. Grand Seiko and Credor watches from Japanese watchmaker SEIKO are also available here.


Based on a Tokyo fashion theme, two new custom-product shops have been opened in the 3rd-floor women's clothing section. Le PLAYCE offers thrills and excitement based on their approach "made in Tokyo and sent out from Tokyo to the world."


NEW YORK RUNWAY offers three clothing styles: elegant, relaxed casual and sporty. Their outstanding fashion displays showcase trendy sneakers.


The 4th-floor women's clothing section features various global brands, including BURBERRY and SAINT LAURENT. A new addition to this floor is the customizable product shop 4th of GINZA. The atrium design gives the floor a spacious, wide-open feel. Additionally, the M5-floor women's clothing section boasts carefully selected, highly refined brands from Japan and abroad, while the men's clothing sections on the 5th and 6th floors offer high-quality clothing for both formal and private occasions based on the "Ginza gentleman" concept. The 7th floor is home to custom-product shops focused on Japanese culture, craft products and more. Visit Ginza Mitsukoshi today to experience refined, mature fashions and lifestyles as well as unparalleled Japanese hospitality.

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