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Kyoto Curated at the Rakushu Exhibition


181_01.jpgAs the leaves across Japan sparkle gold and glow shades of boldest red through rustic russet, the timeless beauty of Kyoto comes to mind and ushers in one of the most important events of the Nihombashi Mitsukoshi calendar, the annual Rakushu exhibition. Now marking its 68th iteration the Rakushu exhibition is a celebration of all things Kyoto but curated with a keen eye to ensure even cultural connoisseurs spot fresh connections across cuisine, crafts, arts and kimono and get closer to understanding the aesthetics of the city, which may be Japan's old capital but whose culture stands enduringly contemporary against the tides of modernity.

181_02.jpgThe line-up is as diverse as you should expect with a wealth of Kyoto's notable, exclusive, and occasionally obscure artisans, craftsmen, artists and storied brands gathered under one roof. Unsurprisingly it is one of the store's most popular annual exhibitions spanning luxury silk kimonos produced with expertise accrued since 1555 by Chiso, delicious Kyoto cuisine honed over the centuries from the likes of Izu's authentic Kyoto style sushi, as well as newcomers to the exhibition such as Yoko Mizuki's work in gofun and gold leaf on kai-awase, matching shells.

181_03.jpgIn line with the quintessentially Kyoto appreciation of the changing seasons you will find many exhibitors inspired by the season with abundant autumnal motifs across fans, jewellery, and of course, seasonal food. Indeed, visitors will even find an eat-in corner in the exhibition space itself so that you can get a taste for distinctive Kyoto cuisine across a range of delicacies in the comfort of the arts and culture that surrounds it.

181_04.jpgWhether looking for yourself, a gift, or just an encounter with a Kyoto usually out of reach, don't miss out on the full Rakushu experience.

Rakushu Exhibition


8th November - 13th November, 2017


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Building 7F, Exhibition Space

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