Bringing Japanese Bathing Culture to your Home



As a island sculpted by volcanic forces and gifted in the process with countless natural baths and springs, it is no surprise that Japan has also developed a distinct traditional bathing culture that extends to the home. But these are not traditions locked in the past, but rather constantly evolving to match the lifestyles of the present day Japan, and also increasingly making their way abroad.

Needless to say the Comfort Bath Garden section of Nihombashi Mitsukoshi finds both tradition and modern iterations hand in hand. Looking to the past and as a companion to a traditional Japanese wooden bathtub we find the exquisite stools, tubs and pails crafted in fine cypress wood that have continued to play an important element of Japanese bathing culture over the centuries. Keeping this tradition alive are artisans such as Oke-ei, a fourth generation helmed company that has been making and selling wooden tubs in Tokyo since 1888. Beyond traditional pails, in 300 year-old Sawara cypress their range has now expanded to include sublime wine bottle coolers and other chic items for daily life.

177_02.jpgIn the same vein we find experienced Japanese towel manufacturers like Oboro Towel, whose classic forms remain in production over one hundred years to ensure that repeat customers can always find their favourite design. This approach is found across the towel section with the fixed line-up from brands such as international renowned Imabari Towels, Hotman from Ome Tokyo, and Mitsukoshi's own premium Five Star range guaranteeing that the quality of Japanese-made breathtakingly soft towels are always to be found in your favourite style.

177_03.jpgWhether you want a taste of Japanese bathing culture or something that reaches to its core, take the time to browse the full selection in store.



Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Building 5F, Comfort Bath Garden

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