The Gift of Japan - RIN by Belles Fleurs



With a dizzying array of awards to his name, Ryohei Konno's flower design company Belles Fleurs now brings you a fresh take on preserved flowers with the advent of RIN by Belles Fleurs.

While owing its origins to France, the art of preserving flowers has now been extensively developed in Japan to the point where it is regarded as a world leader ever by those with decades of experience to their name. Now wanting to harness this Japanese expertise and skill in preserving flowers through his own vision, a chance encounter for Ryohei Konno with the laser-etched ukiyo-e, woodblock print, boxes that artisans Koubow Rihachi specialise in was the impetus for this exciting venture.

178_02.jpgThis is an unparalleled collaboration between the ingenious technique and craftsmanship of Koubou Rihachi's ukiyo-e paulownia boxes and Ryohei Konno's search to explore Japanese aesthetic sensibilities through the medium of flowers. A project around a year in the making, the resulting work expresses the beauty of both flatness and the three-dimensional all within a box you can bring into your daily life.

178_03.jpgUpon opening each of the characterful natural wood boxes you are first greeted with a stunning ukiyo-e image that is further complemented by the carefully selected preserved flowers within. This process of transformation is also a key theme of RIN by Belles Fleurs and makes them a pleasure to display as you wish in your home.

178_04.jpgTranscending words, transcending the temporal, these masterpieces of Japanese design represent the beauty of Japan itself, and we can't wait for you to see them in person in store.


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Building 5F, Furniture and Interior Section

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From August 23rd 2017

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