Making Art of Furin Bells with Nousaku



The Japanese summer has its own way of stimulating the senses and in particular there is one sound that resonates with the season, that of the furin bells whose chime signals the start of the season. At the living section at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi you will find an extensive range of furin both traditional and contemporary to strike the right tone in your life and reflect your taste.


Nousaku's range of metalwork washokki tableware is most likely familiar to readers of this site, and their range of furin carries the same hard-earned traditional techniques into timeless designs that exemplify Japanese craftsmanship. For their furin designs brass is the metal of choice, granting a serene high-pitched tone to the sublime lines of their metalwork. This symphony of form and function makes for a furin bell that lends beauty as interior design as well as in use as it rings in the welcome breeze that punctuates a summer's day.

171_03.jpgThe full-line up takes in various shapes of bell in a range of finishes and coloured coatings, with the tanzaku, hanging paper, that catches the wind to ring the bell, also available in a number of different collaborations with artists from Japan and abroad to add a unique flourish to your design. See the full selection in store and enjoy the tranquil calm they can impart on even the warmest summer days.


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Building 5F, Living Section

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