Bestselling Delicacies Under 1000 Yen at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi


152_01.jpgNihombashi Mitsukoshi's Food Hall is positively packed with delicacies from around the world, but it can be difficult to know where to start. We have curated a special list of some of our ongoing best sellers in store to help you get started in a number of different departments, so you can get your bearings and explore the store for yourself.

Starting with Japanese wagashi sweets, famed confectioners Eitaro's Hanjyo Dango Ajitarashi skewered dumplings have been a hit in Nihombashi since Edo-era Japan and continue to sell around 650 skewers every week presently. Served with a salty sweet sauce it is a flavour popular with children right through to adults of all ages for 195 yen.


In terms of Western confectionary, Japanese brand Club Harie's take on the German baumkuchen is a firm favorite in store averaging around 10,000 pieces sold on a monthly basis and costing 648 yen. Made layer by layer in store by our dedicated chefs, once you try its light yet substantial flavour you will understand why it is such a classic.


Moving on to the savory, Niku no Uesugi's Yonezawa beef croquettes come in recommended for a taste of premium Yonezawa branded beef for only 303 yen. Selling around 80 every day, the croquettes can be enjoyed with a sauce, but are also a delight just seasoned with salt to let the umami flavour of the beef come through.


Finally, for the perfect accompaniment to an aperitif Ginzawakana's KUN, a smoked miso soaked tofu, makes the perfect substitute for a cheese with its sakura wood chip smoky flavour at 864 yen, and regularly sells some 40 boxes per week.


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