Contemporary Chic meets Traditional Craft with JŌHAQ


141_01.jpgTokyo is a city that will take you through so many different scenes in a single day, requiring fashion to match that can bridge the office with a gallery visit, as important on its vibrant streets as behind the closed doors of its many fine restaurants. Much of the city's best fashion rises to this challenge, aiming for an urbane chic for all occasions that doesn't compromise on character nor lose engagement with the culture that surrounds it. 141_02.jpgMade in Japan brand JŌHAQ is one such brand that pays homage to this philosophy, continuing the tradition both of dressing the city for all its precious moments, while also incorporating the Japanese crafts and artisans who ensure that the spirit and traditions of culture isn't lost in contemporary Japan.

Broadly divided into two lines that take you from the everyday working line to the haute-couture level Dress Up line, JŌHAQ allows you to mix and match from across the range to fit the needs of the day. Reflecting its namesake principle of johakyu, the Japanese term for introduction, development and conclusion that is prominent in the traditional performing arts, the collection can be subtle or build to a crescendo suitable to set you centre stage.

Highlights from the current spring collection available now in store at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi include fine fabrics straight from Kyoto's prestigious Nishijin weaving district captured in flowing peplumed jackets, many exclusively available at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi that make the most of designer Ji-Haye's decades of experience in haute-couture that found her the second Asian woman ever to be recognized by the Parisienne council of haute-couture. Elsewhere this attention to decadent detail is not forgotten in the working line with lush embroidery embellishing this season's signature suit, perfect for working women the world over.


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Building 3F, Mixury

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